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Human foot Anatomy | Injuries You Can Claim In An Accident?

The human foot has a complex structure consisting of various bone, tendons, ligaments, and joints. An injury to one of this component can lead to discomfort and pain. Feet and ankle bear the whole weight of the body. The shape of the feet also helps us to balance our weight and to walk. When your feet or ankle injured, you can’t walk, or in some severe cases, you can’t even stand. These injuries to the feet and ankle can occur due to various types of accidents. These accidents can occur due to fault or negligence or someone else. If you get these injuries due to the failure of someone else, you can claim compensation.

Remember that you can’t claim compensation for the accident which occurred due to your fault and negligence. You can only claim compensation for the injuries you get in an accident due to other’s weakness and negligence.

For what you can claim?

There is a variety of reasons for you can claim compensation. Claiming compensation is also your right. So, you should request the compensation against the liable party for the injuries. However, the common cause’s factors that you can claim are:

General Damage

General damage is all about the pain that a victim experience and suffer. This is non-economic damage and is usually compensated to cover the loss of the victim.

Travel expenses

In the compensation claim, you can also add travel expenses. As you know, after the accident, you have to move towards the different department of hospitals. You go to hospitals for daily body check-up. In this, you can also include the travel expenses for visiting the insurance company or meeting solicitors. You can include all taxi fares, petrol costs in private vehicle and train tickets.

Loss of earning

You can also add loss of earning after the accident you suffer. If your foot or ankle is injured, you can’t move freely. If you can’t move, then it’s impossible to go to work.

Medical expenses

Medical expenses can also include in compensation claim. You can include every medical cost you experience after the accident. Any special purchase related to the medical treatment will be included in it.

For what type of injuries you can claim?

There are varieties of injuries you can face in an accident. Especially, foot or ankle injuries can cause various types of effects on your life. Some common feet injuries that you can claim include:

Ankle fracture

Ankle fracture is a common injury and may have a wide term. There are four types of ankle fracture. The type of fracture includes:

  • Open fracture – Open fracture, as shown by name, is none hidden. This fracture usually occurs when, in an accident, the bone breaks out of the skin surface.
  • Closed fracture – Closed ankle fracture is the opposite of open fracture. Furthermore, in this fracture, the broken bone never comes out of the skin. This is also known as a hidden fracture.
  • Displaced fracture – the Displaced fracture is all about the displacement of a broken bone. In this type of ankle fracture, the broken bone of the ankle may move out of its original position.
  • Non-displaced fracture – This ankle fracture is the opposite of placed fracture. In this fracture, the victim experience broken or fractured bone but this bone never displace nor comes out of the skin.

Broken foot

A broken foot is also a common injury. These injuries usually occur in the workplace or in road traffic accidents. These injuries range from mild to severe. As you know, the human feet bears the whole weight of our body; any breakage in the bone can damage the movement entirely. There are approx. Twenty-six bones in the human foot. If any of the bone gets damaged, then it can make you disable for a short period.

What to do?

This question is usually asked by the victims what to do after getting injured in an accident? You need to get medical attention immediately. Therefore, if you delay medical attention, you may worsen your health condition. Delaying the treatment can also damage your chance of winning the compensation claim.

After the medical attention, you can seek the advice of personal injury solicitor. You should only consult with an experienced and professional personal injury solicitor. He can help you to win the maximum amount of compensation.

Personal injury solicitor Preston can also help you to collect the evidence of the accident’s occurrence. He can also help you to calculate the compensation amount in the form of general damage, travel costs, and medical costs. A personal injury solicitor can pursue your case in solicitor’s court to win the case.

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