Overview of Types and Additional Coverage Available Under Medical Insurance in Dubai

Are you worrying about the health and wellbeing of your loved ones in your family? Are you bothering about the frequently increasing medical cost in Dubai? If yes, we suggest you to get medical insurance in Dubai. However, the question that comes in our mind is what type of medical or health insurance one should avail to get the benefits.

Types of Medical/Healthcare Insurance Policies

For this, we have discussed two different types of medical/healthcare insurance policies available for Dubai people and the additional coverage offered by good insurance companies/individual providers there.

  1. Essential Benefits Plan

Essential Benefits Plan is the minimum coverage level, which any resident of Dubai has to get within the law. The cover remains valid only for residents, who earn a maximum AED 4,000 in one month. The plan covers a variety of emergency treatments, drugs or drug therapies, consultations, surgeries, maternity, in-patient, and out-patient services. However, you have to keep in mind that the essential benefits plan is basic medical insurance in Dubai, because of which it has co-insurance stipulations, exclusions, and limitations within the policy.

  • SANAD Health Insurance Policy

SANAD medical insurance in Dubai is for all of the non-working dependents or individuals, who carry a resident visa in Dubai. As the scheme does not require checking any of the qualifying factors, medical history or declaration you may get it easily. Instead, you only require a proof of various dependency documents to get the approval of the SANAD plan. On doing this, your program will activate via the insured Emirates ID.

Additional Medical Coverage Options Available

Medical Evacuation Benefit

This type of elective coverage provides the medically necessary evacuation benefit and medically equipped transportation to the nearby medical facility if you need emergency care and treatment but the treatment is unavailable in the local area.

Wellness as well as non-symptomatic Screening Benefit

Both wellness and non-symptomatic screening coverage benefits are optional benefits, which cover regular physical examinations and non-symptomatic types of medical screenings. Also, medical insurance covers alternative wellness treatment options available. These are acupuncture, homeopathy, Ayurveda and Chinese medications.

Cash Benefit for Returning to Home

This type of insurance coverage is responsible to reimburse the cost associated with traveling back to your home country to get treatment at any medical facility covered by your insurance provider and within the limits of your insurance plan.

Compassionate Visit Coverage

Compassionate visit types of add-ons available under medical insurance in Dubai cover the cost involved in the visit of an immediate family member to you if you suffer from sudden illness or accident in Dubai.

Optical and Dental Insurance Coverage

With the help of dental insurance coverage, you may extend your policy or plan to include only one routine optical examination at the respective tenure by a registered optometrist or ophthalmologist. Also, you may get compensation for frames and spectacle lenses, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses. Other than this, you will get optional dental insurance coverage. This type of policy coverage provides you the routine, preventive and restorative type of dental treatments with a maximum of 2 routine dental screenings during your tenure of your health/medical insurance policy.

Worldwide or Global Coverage Plan

Last, but not least, you may get a type of medical insurance plan in Dubai, which remains valid. Furthermore, in some cases, it may extend to the residence country. As an optional global coverage, it lets an insured person undergo the necessary medical diagnose and/or treatment almost anywhere across the world.

To conclude, we should say that medical insurance available in Dubai lets you availing a pool of healthcare or medical benefits depending on your specific choice.

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