Pop Up Box – A Complete Cable Management Box

Normally in many offices we see that while using laptop or computer, managing cable is really a big challenge as every office system works on power supply. It is also necessary to take care of wiring which is connected as LAN in many offices, hotels or hospitals. How can we ensure uninterrupted power supply without compromising on office set-up and avoiding web of cable?

One Box with many solutions to make workplace clutter free

To cater all the above mentioned issues, Pop Up Box is available in the market, that can resolve the mess of cables on the workstation, conference room, reception area, desk etc. The box has button to display the outlet for maintaining all connection points in synchronized way. This is possible due to proper socket fitting system. We can easily fix the unit, on the table or board as per the requirement and whenever we need particular connections can use the pop up feature given in the box.

In most of the corporates, Pop up box is included as integral part of the workstation. with the flexibility to install, it is very appropriate for conference hall, meeting places, cybercafé, institutes, schools, linear workstation desk etc. It is also popularly known as as a cable management system or cable cubby. The latest model also includes Pop up boxes that can be fixed even on walls. Just press the button and get access to HDMI, VGA, AC power unit system, Video conference outlet, audio connect, USB port, LAN, Power, Ethernet connection etc.

Ideal option for flow of non-stop connectivity

The pop box is usually made of stainless steel or aluminium alloy material base. A few models also have anti oxidation feature. The box can provide access to the electronic outlets with proper switch and sockets. The design has a box fitted with data port or power connectivity socket, depending on your requirement you can select single, dual or multipoint socket design.

While fixing it, no additional carpentry work is required, as it is easy to install, has hydraulic mechanism, provided with graceful look. It is light in weight and elegant in look. Installing Pop up Box enhances look of the space, while maintaining it organised. It is available in rectangular, round, oval shapes with features like tilt up, internal connectivity etc.

The box is available in attractive colour like in silver, grey and black in colour matching the office setup. Pop up box is becoming one of most preferred gadget among offices as it gives an aesthetic look to our meeting rooms and fulfils technological needs also. The online platform has huge range of this product, with detailed specification, warranty terms and attractive prices. Before selecting this multi-use kit ensure to have through look on quality and functionality aspects for better experience.

Author Bio: Mr. Brayden Brennan is an interior designer for corporates with clientele across globe. He mentions with the changing trend most of the corporates are using Pop up box as one-point station for connectivity points. The manufacturers are also noticing the trend and offering product with many additional and user friendly features.

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