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The role of SEO in web development

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Every company present online has only one aim in their mind, to rank on top of search results for the search terms they are related to. This may sound trivial on statements, but on practice, making a brand rank higher is more convoluted. This includes understanding about SEO and web development. Search engine optimization is a series of practices conducted to improve a site’s rankings, while web development involves developing a website for internet or intranet applications. These two elements entangle with one another, and each supplement to process of reaching the top.

Inner Factors

The optimizing activities conducted inside a page is known as On-page SEO. It refers to both source codes and contents optimized for more traffic. On a website, the first element to improve is the title. Search engines regulate that a title must be fewer than sixty characters and must be different for every portal. Many SEO companies use search terms at the beginning of title tags, and their titles are self-explanatory.

Meta descriptions are 160 character snippets used to summarize a page’s content. It is seen only on the search results and a vital factor for conversions. These decryptions help to gather users’ attention and social sharing.

An XML sitemap is a table of content for pages on a site. It provides updates to Google any new additions or changes for a better understanding of the section. Sitemaps indirectly improve a portal’s position by providing all the essential information for crawlers.

The responsiveness of a site indicates its ability to adapt to different screen sizes and yet function fluidly. To be more specific, that portal must be mobile responsive to rank better. Many mobile unfriendly sites have been penalized by Google because of the growing number of smartphone users.

External Factors 

Off-page optimization refers to elements that need improvements outside a site. The first factor associated with this is link building. These links are obtained from other portals to show value to Google. The more links a content got, the better it ranks.

Social bookmarking refers to linking an article or content to accessed, organized, or stored by other community members. Moreover, social media engagement is also a quality crucial for a higher position. It involves engaging across various channels for the benefit of building a loyal fan base and increasing traffic.

Significance for Web Developers

It will be beneficial if the creation of a site stems from the principles of SEO. The best web development companies need to understand the intricate details about optimization to implement them in their processes. It also helps to build quality backlinks from relevant niches of business. Then, it gives them the ability to design and market Infographics to get links and social shares. Developers with knowledge about improvement can post guest blogs in other portals or hire others to write articles for them.


SEO is vital for every business aiming to attain the top spot. So, developers gain a significant advantage in this effort by learning optimization. It gives them the skill to create a website and obtain targeted traffic for it. This is beneficial on multiple levels.

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