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Top 5 Best Swim Caps of 2020

Swimming caps are difficult to buy since there are plenty of choices out there on the market, which is a great problem to start with. But there are some people who get drowned and absorbed because of the absolute number of options that do exist. Whether you’re an irregular swimmer, a person who swims for the exercise or a competitive swimmer, looking for the proper swimming cap is very necessary. 

Wearing swim caps are very important to keep our hair out of our eyes, shield our hair from the harm of chlorine and can make the difference between winning and losing a real competition. However, there are many swim caps out there today. In fact, many of these caps are really cheap, fragile and ineffective. So how will you know which one to choose? In this article, we are going to help you identify what you should look, and what you need in a swimming cap. This buying guide will make your purchase decision a lot easier! 

Reasons to Wear Swim Caps 

There are plenty of reasons to wear swim caps, but here are just a few: 

  • Swim caps protect your hair, though not completely, from chlorine
  • They are hydrodynamic 
  • To keep your head warm 
  • Keep your hair from getting in your face and more chance of blurring your vision
  • Helps you to see much easier, which helps people running- or swimming- into you, either they are swimming or boating themselves
  • Some pools require wearing caps to make sure filters don’t get clogged up by everyone’s hair 

Best Swim Caps in 2020 

Here’s a compiled list of the top 10 best swimming caps entirely based on budget, quality, and ability to protect the hair. Take a look at our list: 

1. Aegend Silicone Swim Cap (For Kids and Teenagers) 

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Kids and teenagers usually have long hair which brings issues whenever it comes to swimming at a fast pace. This is the main reason why Aegend has created a silicone swimming cap for the age range of 2 to 12-year-olds. The universal construction is extremely durable as this cap keeps the hair dry and protected from chemicals at the same time. 

They’ve used a premium quality silicone to make sure maximum protection of hairs. They’ve designed in a way that the hairs cannot move and will get contained in the cap easily. Aegend offers swim caps that offer an ergonomic fit. The unique 3D design effortlessly fits nearly every head size and can keep the hairs dry for a long time. Also, their swimming cap has anti-slip properties. Once your kid wears it, the cap won’t slip at all no matter how rough the swimming routine is. 

2. TYR Latex Swim Cap (For Best Budget) 

Photo by Tyr 

If you’re just looking for a regular swim cap to keep your hair dry and in place, this type of latex one from TYP gets the job done, at an affordable price. Constructed with a strong, ribbed edge, it remains put and doesn’t roll-up. If comes with a secure fit so you can swim lap after lap without being concerned about it sliding off. They have them in a dozen various colours, has a good value, and ideal for swimming workouts, swim classes and meets.  

Want to swim at the beach? They also have rash guards for protecting your skin from the sun and painful chafing. 

3. Speedo Silicone Solid Swim Cap (High-Performance Swimwear) 

Speedo is widely known to be one of the premier creators of high-performance swimwear, this is not even a surprise that this brand leads off our list. The swim cap is fabricated from premium grade silicone, maintains its stretchability over many months of use and does a good job not tearing your hair out as other cheap swimming caps do. 

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It’s waterproof and protects your hair from the twin damages of chlorine and sea salt. This swim cap can perform well under the harsh UV rays, slips on and off in seconds holds hard to your head under all conditions and is latex-free. The entire feel of this waterproof swim cap is soft and gentle, you won’t even notice it that you’re wearing something in your head after a few minutes. 

4. Firesara Waterproof Silicone Swim Cap (Protect Color-Treated Hair) 

Photo by Firesara

Frequent exposure to chlorine and other pool chemicals can really harm your hair, particularly if it’s colour-treated. So it’s necessary for those who are looking to protect their hair when swimming is to choose a swim cap that will keep their hair totally dry. This Firesara silicone swim cap is adaptable, gentle, and watertight, so your hair will remain protected.  

It’s a great option for people with long hair or dreadlocks, as the mighty silicone can stretch to twice its size, while still keeping its shape when you take it off. Its surface is smooth and wrinkle-free, so it will reduce drag while swimming. The cap also provides UV protection, which protects your colour-treated hair from drying out, fading, and further damage.  

5. Arena Classic Silicone Cap (Effective for Training) 

Photo by Tri UK

If you want a swim cap that’s a certified over-achiever and can last through very recurring and long training sessions, this class cap is the best choice for you. It’s made of PVC-free, flat, shaped silicone, they come with a classic and comfortable fit. Arena swim caps are smooth and soft which are perfect to have in your swim bag for everyday use. They won’t consume much space since they are not that thick like other silicone caps, which makes them a great option when you’re doing a long workout and require a cap that’s more breathable. 

Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Team Elite, a well-known distributor and retailer who operates in the sports merchandise business since 1991 catering to state and private schools around the country, and several institutes. She is also a content crafter who researches and writes custom content about travel, fashion, finance, business, home improvements, health, and beauty in order to provide helpful information and tips for her readers. Ivandrea graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016. 

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