4 Smart Electric Personal Transport You Must Have

Turboant X7 E-Scooter

The Turboant electric scooter loaded with smart features this scooter is built to make your everyday city ride convenient. It comes with incredibly powerful 250 watt brushless motor that delivers high torque and quick acceleration and provides a top speed of 20 miles per hour. This scooter equipped with a 36 volt lithium-ion battery that can provide a maximum range of 15.5 miles on a single charge plus the battery is detachable which provides convenient charging experience for youth. The scooter comes with 8.5 inches large pneumatic tires which packs same thickness and strength of a car to ensure a reliable riding experience. Constructed with a robust aluminum alloy frame. The scooter to support a maximum payload of up to 2005 pounds easily. The scooter features in LED display placed right on the handle bar which shows your current speed gear and battery status. Its also equipped with a triple braking system which includes electronic breaking system rear disc brake and a foot brake. These brakes work together to ensure smooth and safe ride for you. Turbulence lever activated stem makes it ready to carry within seconds while its low weight of just 29.7 pounds and compact size provide comfortable carrying experience. If you are looking for cost-effective way to solve your last mile of the public transport system of your everyday trip then the turboant X7 electric scooter is the right choice for you.

Himiway Cruiser E-Bike

Every day we are travel a portion of our trip on subways or public transport which can be full of hassle Himiway Cruiser a feature-packed ebike build to make your trip convenient and comfortable. The Himiway Cruiser comes with a powerful 750 watt brushless motor which can provide a top speed up to 20 miles so that you can sweep the reach your destination. It packs a Samsung 48 fold 17.5 mah battery which can provide a maximum range of 60 miles on a single charge so that you can take it on long trip without any worries. Combined with Shimano 7 speed gear shift system and five level pedal assists the Hemi with cruiser allows you to fully personalize your riding experience. The Himiway 6 or 6/1 aluminum frame makes it super durable and lets it carry a maximum payload of up to two central powers easily combined with alloy. Front suspension fork and Kenda puncture resistant flat tires this bike can surely deliver a coveted ride every time. It comes with Tektro Aries 180mm brakes that provides instant braking power whenever needed and its equipped with 48 volt LED light that lets you ride it even at night. The Himiway cruiser features a display which you can use as auto meter speedometer and watt meter. The display shows all of the information of your bike in one place and lets you charge your smartphone underneath. If you are looking for a perfect bike that can make your everyday trip convenient and comfortable then Himiway cruiser is the right choice for you.

Ninebot One Z10

If you want to get around without breaking a sweat with a personal transportation 9.1 Z10 is the perfect option for you. It’s a unique looking electric unicycle with excellent product design. It comes with 995 watt li-ion battery and gives you 90km mileage for nine hours of charging time and reach a top speed of 220km per hour. So you can go on longer trips without any kind of worry. The 4.1 inches unique tubeless vacuum tire and strong aluminum alloy body can take up to 150 kg of payload. The ninebot one Z10 has an optical light which ensures a safe ride and also gives an impressive smart look. Just like in the movies which is watch on Movie Hustle type of place. The smart battery management and wide tires give stability during driving and it will be easier for a rider to keep balance. It is controlled by an intelligent system and has a multi-stage protection against overheating short circuit voltage drops. This unicycle opens new ways to explore and gives a sea of drive and thrill for adventure loving people.

MYLO Folding Scooter

A foldable scooter can be a great addition for your everyday transport as you can carry it easily with you wherever you go MYLO a folding scooter built to go with you everywhere what really sets MYLO apart from the other scooters its innovative folding mechanism. It comes it a three wheel configuration which can be folded with a simple click while maintaining stability and agility. It comes with a 250 watt brushless motor that can provide a top speed of 18 miles per hour and allows you to reach your destination swiftly. The MYLO is equipped with a tur6 volt battery which can provide a maximum range of 15 miles on a single charge so that you can take it on long journeys worry free. You can fold the MYLO within seconds which makes it super compact and lets you carry it anywhere conveniently with you even on the bus or subways. If you are looking for a unique foldable scooter for your everyday commute then the MYLO folding scooter is the right choice for you.

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