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Do you think your stressed schedules are hindering you from enjoying the glorious part of your life? Don’t you think you need a break to rejuvenate and revitalize your tiring soul and energize your body? If so, plan an exotic trip to the most alluring and magnificent state of India known as Kerala. Many prominent writers have tried to pen down the surreal beauty of the state in mere words. Even they have accepted the fact that describing the splendid ambiguity of the emerald environment of Kerala in singular words is not possible. The state is abundantly blessed with amusing wonders of nature’s resources such as the lofty hills covered with the dense plantations of cardamom, coffee and tea, the tranquillizing backwaters, captivating hill stations, pristine rivers, and cerulean sea and many more. Among all these features a ride in the traditional houseboats in the lakes of the state will propel you to forget all your tensions and soak into the beauty of the dazzling resources. Those who are unaware about the houseboat cruises of the state just narrow down the following paragraphs and grab the needed information.

What are houseboats?

Not everybody but a few knows that in ancient days of Kerala the local vendors used the houseboats to transport tons of goods such as rice and other produce from district to district. Just like now in those days neither modern machines nor techniques were prevailed to give birth to water vehicles hence the people used natural resources for the same. Initially known as ‘kettuvalloms’ which meant ‘dwelling boat structures’ in colloquial language, houseboats were built using the jack woods tied with coir and covered with a thatched roof. To maintain it for generations it was then coated with caustic black resin formed from the boiled cashew kernels. As the journey lasts for few days, to satiate the appetite a portion of the kettuvallom was transformed into kitchen and restroom covered with logs of bamboo. With the effect of modernisation, people started to rely on the vehicles for transportation of goods to long distances. But as these kettuvalloms attracted the visitors with a little bit of renovation the traditional cruises turned out to be houseboats for tourists. If houseboats fuelled the trading system in olden times, now it is inducing the tourism sector of the state.

A splendid houseboat voyage

Houseboat tours not only attract the local people of the state but also the travel enthusiast from various corners of the world. Hundreds of travellers avail of the tour packages to Kerala only with a motive to sail in the traditional houseboat cruises. Sailing in the houseboat will bring you closer to nature and its resources. According to the amenities, the houseboats are divided into various categories such as deluxe, premium and luxury. As per the availability of time, you can either select the day package or night packages. In many ways, the cruise journey will entertain you. The melodious tweets of beautiful birds, swaying of palm-fringed coconut trees in the cool breeze will tickle your hair, and charming view of the scenic nature will delight your eyes. When sailing through the brackish waters you will come across the local people engaging in traditional works to meet their daily needs on the shores of the lakes. If you are hailing from metro cities it would surprise to see the vegetable vendors selling the groceries to the housewives in front of their houses by rowing canoes. In fact, some children who are expert in rowing canoes and kayaks, row them to school as we ride our bicycle in our childhood. To satiate your hunger the chef will prepare scrumptious delicacies in Kerala style. If you prefer seafood inform them in prior. Sometimes you will have to do angling to catch the best ones for your meals!!! If you are availing of night package, you would be lucky to see another face of glittering nature. As there would be nothing much to explore in nature, the authorities will arrange a mind-blowing classical performance by the professional dancers. A special candle dinner would be arranged if you accompany your better half for honeymoon. Spend a night at top of the roof and enjoy the beauty of black sky.

Places where houseboat voyages are practised

When compared to the northern parts of Kerala the southern portion provides immense opportunities to explore the stunning backwaters. Alleppey district is known to be home to backwaters. While traversing through the waters you can halt your boat at the historic monuments known as Krishnapuram palace, pilgrim centres and museums and so on. You would be fortunate enough to taste the mouth-watering food prepared in inimitable Kuttanadan style when sauntering down the backwaters. People who avail of houseboat packages to Alleppey will definitely select the Kumarakom route (sandwiched between Alleppey and Kottayam) to capture the outstanding beauty of the varied species of birds. Traversing through the bird sanctuary and spending some quality time over there will make you learn the typical lifestyle of the different faunas. Kollam is another haven for backwater lovers. Sailing through the eight branches of the Ashtamudi Lake will take you to the world of fairy tales. Anchor the boat in the port and row the canoes through the narrow water channels to explore the unexplored parts of the serene nature. For cashew lovers, Kollam is a paradise for varied cashew nuts. It is also known as an abode for angling. Mesmerise your hearts by watching the Chinese fishing nets and plants like lily and lotus sprouting out from freshwater.

 When to avail of houseboat tours?

Irrespective of seasons the houseboat always offers numerous options to discover the magical gem hidden in the arms of Mother Nature. If you want to enjoy the beauty of fanatic nature drenched in heavy downpours visit the exotic state during monsoons. If you want to capture the gorgeous views of nature into your camera purchase the tickets in winter days. If you ready to beat the burning heat the state heartedly welcomes you in summer days but remember you won’t be able to catch the alluring beauty of emerald nature.

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