5 Things You Needs To Watch Out For in Sitapur Beach of Andaman

When the Neil Island has to offer various other marvels of nature, just like its natural bridge and a sizeable population of coral population, there exists underrated seashore that is often missed by the visitors holidaying in the exotic islands. They are the Sitapur beach, which is situated on the southernmost tip of this happening island destination. Meanwhile, for the travellers who had been to this particular seashore would inevitably be all in praise for them. There are indeed several attractive characteristics that make them unique and a standout from other islands, one among them being the names of gods given to the beaches. Listed below are the things to be watched out for in Sitapur Beach of Neil Island, which is one of the largest in the Andaman group of Islands.

A pleasing sunrise view

The very first thing to be watched out for while visiting the Sitapur beach are the mesmerizing sunrise, and sunset later at later parts of the day. Furthermore, this particular shore is known for the spectacular sunset that can be viewed from these parts of Neil Island and often cited to the best beach to watch the sunrise from the entire group of Islands. Tourists do throng to the shore during these times of the day to discern the spectacular sight of the sun emerging from the ocean. The horizon far of at the sea will be lined by the crimson red rays flashing on the lush green beyond the golden sands. All of these will together offer a perfect frame of a captivating view of the sunset.

An innocuous layer of delicate limestone

The next exciting feature of the shore is that expansive area of limestone. However, they are not as sharp and prominent as the stones that travellers get to spot in Baratang, which is yet another impressive tourist destination known from huge limestone caves. Nevertheless, here at Sitapur, the limestones are seen to be in their benign version. The major cause for such an appearance is said to be due to the heavy and strong waves lashed in this crucial part of Neil Island. These occurrences of the high tide had been happening in the beach and to its limestone for several years, making them look polished and even rounded at many parts. Henceforth, by mounting on to these rocks, the tourists could spend a whole lot of time by gazing at those endless waves out in the sea.

That charismatic landscape

The amazing topography that the beach posses, already makes them a standout from all other beaches in the islands. The travellers are even going to overlook the ethereal white sandy beaches that they had seen in Havelock Island, by once experiencing the rustic beauty of Sitapur beach. As the shores had got an impressive landscape, the scopes capturing the best versions of Mother Nature had become a mandatory activity while visiting. Furthermore, the higher tides lashed at those golden sands had provided the shores and the thick wild plantation behind them had made them look sumptuous, even before reaching the beach. 

Eventful trails from the boat jetty to the beach

Trekking trails in the archipelago are just too many that one would feel confused about which one to choose from. The path leading to the beach from the nearest boat jetty in Neil Island to the beaches is indeed adventurous and would be loved by the trekkers coming to the Andaman Islands with this motive. Even though not as tiresome and challenging as Mount Harriet and Saddle peak, Neil Island to have got their mild trekking trails. Moreover, either side of the forestry has got no ups and downs, but even then could gaze the lush greenery and the tropical rain forest spread over a large area. So the travellers vacationing in the islands with tour packages. Therefore, a visit to the island even if sparing an amount of airfare on your trip to Andaman will be worthy of it. 

Thick green vegetation covers on the shores

Once reaching the Sitapur beach, one of the most attractive things about them could be the charming green patches seen on those rocks. Also, the dense covers grown as natural walls to the beach are bliss to watch. Furthermore, at some spots, vegetation also constitutes of tall coconut palm trees. As they are not much visited as the beaches of Havelock or Port Blair, the travellers could feel some privacy to click any number of photographs in their camera, with the presence of large trees and shrubs in the background. In short, the magnificent combination of azure blue sea and golden sands bordered by this lush greenery could make a perfect blend of picturesque shoreline.

Not just Neil Island, each of the islands in the archipelago would provide you with unique experiences that can be seen nowhere else in the world. In addition to that, you could be engaged in several nerve-wracking water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, speed boating, sea-walking, kayaking and glass boat riding while you are holidaying in these enchanting islands. Andaman Tour Travel based in Port Blair arranges exciting trips to prominent tourist places. For the same, the popular tour operator had created diverse tour packages from almost all the major Indian cities. To avail their services, you may either ring them up or chat online. So hurry up and book your travel deal.

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