6 Common Mistakes in User Interface Design and How to Fix Them

The user interface is significant for your website. If you are the owner of an ecommerce store, you should not neglect your website’s UI. Did you know a well-designed user interface could raise your website’s conversion rate by up to 200%, and a better UX design could yield conversion rates up to 400%?

While designing your website by website developers, keep in mind the user’s interface. A poor interface can affect your website’s ranking to a great extent. Some basic UI mistakes must be avoided. Well, this blog is all about six most common UI mistakes that you’re probably making.

#1 A Low contrast user interface design

Contrast is very much needed to have a good graphics designing part. It assists the designers as well as grabs the user’s attention.

Moreover, it also distinguishes varied elements from each other.

Following are some tips that help you to add contrast

  • Deploy different font types or font sizes on different elements.
  • Deploy whitespace to show contrast.
  • Change the texture of various elements in your design.
  • Make use of several different colors on various components on your page.

How to Get Rid of Over contrasting?

  • Avoid deploying several font styles on a single page.
  • You can use two or more than two fonts. Adding different bold and normal saturations can avoid over contrasting.
  • Being the best digital marketing agency in Dubai, we suggest you avoid highlighting the elements of narrow pages with color. Try to use a single background, as this way appeals to your design more.

 #2 Including too much text

avoid to much text
Too much text on the website can also irritate the users. To avoid having too much text. It can leave a harmful impact on the visitors. Even they can even leave your website midway.

Your website design can bind the audience, so be wise while designing it.

Too much text can irritate users, and they can easily switch to the competitor’s website if they don’t find anything genuine. To avoid distraction, keep the things and other stuff on your website minimal.

Tips for avoiding too much stuff on your website are:-

  • Be concise with your message.
  • Deploy fewer words.
  • Your Copy should be expressive & brief.
  • It should be free from errors.
  • Leaves some emotional impact.

#3 Poor padding and spacing

Visitors love uncluttered and clean UI. Your website can depict a lot of your brand. So focus on proper padding as well. Poor padding can shift your website visitor to your competitor’s website. So be mindful regarding poor padding issues and sort it as soon as possible.

Many UI have padding issues that involve uneven spacing issues or too small padding. Uneven spacing can cause inconsistency in the page, or sometimes the page looks messy.

The fundamental rule that you must follow for spacing and padding is that there should be more enormous padding between different blocks instead of having it in heading & text.

#4 – Adding too much design

Too much mess sometimes creates blunder in your website look. Many people deteriorate their website by adding varied designs at different corners. You have to understand what kind of brand message your website can depict.

  1. Sometimes designers think that they can design anything, but that creates inconsistency in the design.
  2. Overdesigning of the website should not be done.
  3. Users prefer simple websites that are easy to explore.
  4. Avoid cluttering your web pages with varied designs.
  5.  For depicting relevant information, the designs should be intuitive and straightforward.

Tips for avoiding Over Clustering are as under:-

  • Avoid adding too much color to your web design. Try to use some basic pastels that match the brand.
  • Try to make use of whitespace in your design. Avoid filling white space on your page with some design.
  •  Work on your font sizes. Neither too big nor too small can help you.

#5 – Unresponsive user interface design

All love responsive websites. Today every other user has Smartphone. They make searches through their mobile phones. So responsive websites can gain popularity.

Mobile phone use has outperformed 3.8 billion clients. These individuals utilize their telephones for everything from perusing to browsing their messages and different things. However, there is as yet a vast load of UIs that aren’t responsive for portable use.

A responsive website design should guarantee that your clients can get to your pages across any screen, gadget, or goal. Google additionally positions responsive plans higher in its web indexes.

#6- Unintuitive navigation and hierarchy

Another of the standard errors UI plans once in a while have an organization of websites.

Poor navigation can become the root cause of poor UI.

An absence of organizational hierarchy can confound visitors on your page. It can likewise radiate an unflattering impact on your brand value.

Structure chain of command by utilizing headings, subheadings, and passage text dimensions to indicate your content’s various levels.

Your route ought to be clear and straightforward to your website visitors. Likewise, it would help if you positioned it in a spot on your site that your page clients can see without much of a stretch.

In conclusion

There are some basic things on your website that must be corrected as soon as you see that.

If it’s not too much trouble, get comfortable with these six regular UI mistakes so you can try not to make them. Be that as it may, recall, there are no fixed laws in the UI plan. UI is so crucial for website owners. But chances of mistakes also become high while designing.

We hope these six mistakes of UI discussed here can help you. This way, you can avoid these mistakes. Did you know a poor website can lose your visitors? So you have to be very useful while making decisions regarding your website designing. If you are searching for website designing services, contact us today. Also, you can post any query related to digital marketing and website designing.