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6 Mistakes to Avoid for a Productive T-Shirt Business

A t-shirt business can be productive if the workspace and the workflow are effective and efficient. The manufacturing includes 6 wastes in it. You should have a knowledge of these wastes while doing normal household work. Like when the garbage has to be taken out, vacuum cleaning needs to be done, bed has to be made by you, the dishes are to be washed by you, you should consider these wastes. If you want to work in a more efficient manner then these 6 wastes must be fixed by you and they can be present in any task like t-shirt printing, rocket building and cleaning the dishes etc.

Now I am going to describe about 6 mistakes to avoid for a productive t-shirt business.

1.Presence of defects – A rejected garment can be defective and there can be various reasons behind this. It is unavoidable that your shop has no defects and it will be your desire to decrease the number of rejects. Each non-conformance can be dealt by using the 5 ways:

  • You can sell it without doing any change – Suppose if the image on the t-shirt is inverted then it may be liked by some customers of a different mind set. It will be very good for you if they purchase that t-shirt from you.
  • For a mistake some rework must be done by you – If during the printing of a t-shirt something is left by mistake then you have to do the rework on it.
  • A rejected t-shirt can be repaired by you – If after repairing a damaged garment can become normal then you should do the repairing.
  • You can scrap the t-shirt if it can not be repaired – If the garment can not be fixed and is no more usable to the consumer then it is better to scrap it. You will require more time and material to print it again.
  • The t-shirt can be returned – If the defect is present in the material itself then it can be rejected by the customer. For instance, a tear can be found in it while printing.

Your money and time will be wasted if you follow any of the above-mentioned ways. The productivity and profitability can be improved if the rejects are reduced.

2.If there is an overproduction – Suppose you are given an order of printing the t-shirts and you have printed more than the requirement then a lot of material and time will be wasted. If the personalised garments are going to be designed by you then there are no chances of selling the extra ones. Your garments must be pre counted to avoid this.

3.Use of transportation – If a process includes multiple steps and you are transporting the items from one room to the other then it will be called a wastage of time and effort. Some inefficiencies and bottlenecks can occur because of this. Several components of your product are placed in a logical order in an assembly line.

Also, if an item is touched and moved a lot of times then it is also called transportation waste. You should make a perfect plan of using the minimum number of steps. Multiple set-ups can be included in it.

4.Waiting for an order – If it is not possible to move forward an order then you may have to wait for it. There can be several reasons behind this. If you have to wait for supplies? If the machinery has any bottleneck present in it. If staff is not present there.

Suppose an order of 700 t-shirts is given to you by a consumer and he wants to get the front part designed only. Along with this he is searching for some other person to design the back part also. If there is a possibility of finding that person in 2 days then you should start doing your job and finish it under 2 days. In this way the front part is designed by you and the back part can be designed later.

5.Managing inventory – Some people use the strategy of inventory management so that they can stock a definite number of products for selling them whenever a big order comes. But the inventory will not be required by you if you have to produce the items as per demand and after doing the customization.

6.Unnecessary motion – Another big waste of your business is unnecessary motion. Picking an item, placing an item, touching a product several times, reaches or steps are included in the unnecessary movements. The productivity can be slowed down because of this.

You should have separate areas for finished t-shirts, for transfers and for blank t-shirts. You should always keep these near you so that you do not have to walk a long distance to get these.

You can use a t-shirt design software to design your own t-shirts after customization. You can put your designs or statements on these.

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