6 Things that You Can’t Trust Anyone with While Moving


“To know about the most delicate things that need special attention, read this blog”.

While relocating to a new place, I am sure you would have so many things to do. But yes, you must be also tensed as there are so many precious items that require special care and attention.

You just can’t trust any random movers Chicago with such items. You need special preparation for the same. And yes, I am not talking about your clothes or shoes. I am talking about other precious, important items.

If you assume that your expensive furniture, antiques, etc. can be handled by anyone out there, then you are mistaken. Now you must be wondering what kind of items I am talking about, right? To know, kindly read the rest of this blog.

Fine art

One of the most precious and expensive belongings that one can own is fine arts. They must be properly removed from the wall, packed and placed carefully for shipping. They need special care and attention. They must be shipped via climate-controlled storage and thus, you just can’t hire any random company out there. The professionals should also have the training to move the same. Thus, you should take out time and do your research to find out the best Naperville moving company. Not all companies have such facilities that would protect your fine arts. After all, they are expensive pieces.

The special fabrics require protection from moisture and humidity.


Something as heavy as a piano also requires special care. If you own one, you should inform your movers beforehand so that they are also prepared. You should know that a piano can weigh as much as 500 pounds. If the movers drag this piece over your floors, they can get damaged very easily. The movers should have the right set of equipment to smoothly transfer it to the new house. Even if they drop just one side of the piano, the piano can get damaged, people can get hurt and floors and walls can be scratched. Moreover, if the inside of a piano is damaged, it can be very expensive to repair it.

Wine collection

If you have an expensive wine collection, then you should also take care of it. However, if most of the bottles are almost empty, consider consuming the rest by the moving date.

A wine collection is a great investment that you can use for special occasions. If you love it, you should ensure that they are relocated in a safe way. Find a storage unit that has climate control. Without the right temperature, wine can get spoilt.

Choose a company that has special arrangements to move such delicate, precious items. You can’t just hire a random man with a truck when it comes to such items. The professionals should also use special, padded moving materials.


Household appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, micro ovens, etc. need special care from extreme humidity. They are made of electrical parts and mechanical equipment that can’t stand much temperature. The metal pipes, copper wires, need special care and protection from moisture and extreme climate conditions.

For the best result, prepare your appliances a couple of days before the moving day. Otherwise, they can catch mold, which can again transfer from one appliance to another.

Family heirlooms

If they are small items, then I would suggest you carry them in your bag with yourself. You should pack these sentimental items by yourself and put them inside your bag.


Other special items such as textiles, coin collections, silver tableware, pinball machines, pool tables, and home theatre equipment, etc. should also be taken care of.

So these are some of the items that require special care and attention. To know more about furniture movers Chicago, read my other articles and blogs.

Author Bio: Austin, a blogger on furnituremovers in Chicago, writes on the most fragile items that need care. To choose the best Naperville moving company, read his blogs.

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