A Few Important Tasks to Complete before the Relocation Day


“To know about a few chores that you need to complete before the relocation day, please read this blog”.

If your relocation day is knocking at the door, then you must be very quick with all the work that is there on your plate. You must complete all the pending work so that the movers can start with the process as soon as they arrive.

If your movers in Chicago are coming a few days before the move to give estimation, then make sure you get rid of all the junk before they arrive. The more you downsize, the lesser you have to pay to the movers and packers. Trust me, it is not a wise decision to pay for items that you don’t use or don’t need. You must get it done at the earliest.

And before the moving day, these are a few things that you should be done with. Take a look.

One of the major things that you need to do is planning the décor of the new house and sharing the same with the movers. They shouldn’t be clueless about which furniture would go into which corner of the house once they arrive at the new abode. So have a clear idea about the floor plan and share it with the Naperville movers.

Secondly, you have to complete all the pending paperwork left with your current landlord. The sooner you get this done, the better it is for you. If there are any terms and conditions to getting your deposit back, then oblige by the same. For example, many landlords ask their tenants to get the house professionally cleaned to get the deposit back. So do as required and get it over with before the big day comes!

Update your address at all the necessary places such as banks, etc. You should also inform your friends and family about the new address. If you own a home-based business, then you need to update the address on its website and social media page as well. A relocation might appear to be extremely easy but it is not! You have to cater to a lot of things before the moving day arrives.

Also, you should transfer all the utilities so that your new home is move-in ready! Make sure that this chore falls on your priority list. This is a very important task.

If you have any items left for donation, then do it before the moving day. Otherwise, it could be too late. You should also get a list of things that the movers won’t move and you can get rid of them as well.

Before the moving day, you have to pack a few things on your own, such as jewelry, family heirlooms, documents, etc. You have to pack smart and also use the right materials for the same. You should choose the right boxes for your belongings. Label the boxes well so that it is easier for you to unpack when you settle down at the new house. You also need to get your hands on high-quality packing items if your movers are not going to come prepared with them.

If your new place needs to be cleaned up, then also you should get it done before the actual day. It is always nice to start your new life on a clean slate and not over someone else’s mess. Get the carpets, window treatments and furniture pieces cleaned up properly.

Pack an emergency bag with a couple of pairs of clothes, your medicines, towel, toiletries, regular cosmetics, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, etc. This bag would save you for the next couple of days.

So these are a few things that you need to do before the moving day.

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