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When one thinks about American cuisine, the very first few things that come to one’s mind are the regular American classic dishes like fried chicken, burgers, pancakes and hot dogs.

If one looks at the CPK catering menu then they can find and order some usual yet traditional American dishes that they can try.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

These are the regular fried chicken wings which are dipped well in vinegar and cayenne hot sauce which is also known as the buffalo sauce. This is a perfect bar snack dish that one can try in the evening. They are tasty and go great with a mug of chilled beer.

Tater Tots

Those who are in loved with French fried will love their share of tater tots as well. This is an American version of potato fries and they look like mini balls. They are crispy from outside and soft from inside. One can have them for breakfasts, as a fast food or as an evening snack.

Hot Dogs

This is a great go-to food for the Americans. This is a dish where a German sausage is served on plates along with buns and they are known as hot dogs. They first became popular in a place called Coney Island and now they are found all over the world. They have different versions or styles like the New York one’s come with ketchup while the Chicago ones have poppy seeds in it and no tomato sauce.

Apple Pie

Though this is termed as an American dish, but it was brought to America but the British and the Dutch people when they were immigrants there. Apple pie is more of a dessert item which one can enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Barbecue Ribs

Americans loved their food which has been barbecued. Hence this is a very common thing for them. Ribs can become very tasty when they are barbecued. One can also use some delicate barbeque sauce to sauté the cooked ribs if they want to. It can be a great evening snack dish.

Reuben Sandwich

This sandwich has ingredients like corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. This sandwich is named either after a grocer named Reuben Kulakofsky or a German restaurant owner named Arnold Reuben. But this has become an American breakfast staple since 1914.

Biscuits and Gravy

This was a food item which was eaten mostly during the Revolutionary War in South America. It was a great breakfast and stomach filling option then. The biscuits are made from lard, butter and butter milk and the country gravy has meat drippings or chinks of pork sausages and black pepper. These days the biscuits also come with filling like cheese and bacons and chives.


This is the best comfort food that one can order when they are going for American food. It has ground meat and seasonings and they are made in a loaf shape before being served. They can be roasted and then topped with choice of sauce.

One can check city streets catering menu for burgers and pizzas as well for ordering.

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