An Ultimate Guide to Visit Wayanad Adventure Camp of Karalad Lake in Kerala with your Family

The pristine waters flowing from the reservoir of Banasura Sagar Dam also make these lush green regions near Thariode in Wayanad bountiful in every aspect. They finally settle down as 7 acres of ecologically rich Karalad Lake. When considering the area to which they are spread, Karalad Lake positions second after the much popular Pookode Lake. Nevertheless, the aesthetic beauty of the peaceful lakefront situated around 1200 feet above the sea level, is nothing less than the latter. Lately, with the support of the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), the region around the lake had been converted to a happening family tourist spot with so many intriguing activities to be engaged with. Here let’s try to know more about this Adventure Camp.

Major Attractions

Zip-lining: While zip-lining from one point to the other across the Karalad Lake, the visitors would be getting to view the entire picturesque view of this freshwater lake just beneath them, other than the cool activity of hanging merely on a cable string and moving from a definite height from the ground level. It would take about 20 seconds to cover the cable strings of length 270 m. Karalad Lake is one of the few travel destinations in the state where the provision of such an adventurous ride is made available, other being one of the largest in entire south India.

Pedal boats: Although such an activity can be experienced from other tourist spots with any sort of water body, the point that makes Karalad Lake distinct is the views of majestic Banasura hills surrounding its serene water. The pedal boating experience here is in some way related to that of its counterpart at Pookode, yet they are less crowded and more relaxing.

Nature-walk: They could be deemed as one of the best activities for those holidaying with their family. Children could have fun by nature walking just like spending time in the play area of this Adventure camp. They may take walk on the banks of the lake with strong hand railings, besides strolling under the shades of large trees on side of its banks. Moreover, the path opted for the activity is indeed winding at many of their spots, making the walk enjoyable.

Spice Emporium: These regions of Wayanad are already known for handicrafts and handlooms. So at the spice emporium set in the premises, tourists could purchase them as souvenirs to reminisce your family trip to Wayanad.

Things to do

Kayaking: Being the most popular activity for the tourists visiting the Wayanad Adventure Camp, there would be a heavy rush to kayak in these serene waters surrounded by lush green area. And beyond them, they could also find traces of verdant hills at a distance, making the kayaking even more exhilarating.

Rock climbing: This challenging activity is arranged near the tower where the zip-lining is done. They are organized with the utmost safety guidelines and are obviously daring.

Bamboo rafting: The splendid primitive rowing is a must-do activity for the tourists vacationing in these parts of Kerala. Unlike the bamboo rafting made available in Kuruva Islands, comparatively a lesser number of people could sail across these placid lake waters.

Where to stay

Tourists will not be required to grope for any other accommodation spaces while visiting the Karalad Lake Adventure camp, a few adorable camping places are being set up here. Tourists could stay back within the premises of Lake and having a lakefront view. They would be able to experience the tranquillity and beauty to its fullest.

Best time to visit

Unlike the tourist destinations of these regions, the Adventure camp of Karalad Lake can be visited throughout the year. Such a routine would be very favourable and welcoming as far as the family vacations spent in Wayanad are concerned. It is said so, as, during the advent of monsoon, the popular tourist spots such as Kuruva Island, Meenmutty Waterfalls, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary will be closed, so tourist could easily head to this travel destination. During the winter, the visitors could find misty fogs veiling the green pastures on its banks that would be rejoicing to watch over.

Opening time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

How to reach there

From the small town of Kalpetta, the travel destination is only 14.9 km distance away when travelling via State Highway 54. Also, the average time taken to arrive is around 18 minutes. Moreover, as there is no rail connectivity in the entire Wayanad, one may have to get down from the neighbouring Kozhikode district by covering around 82.5 km to arrive at the destination. Furthermore, the nearest Calicut International Airport is about 54km away.

Wayanad is already known for being a happening tourist destination among all of its kinds in entire Kerala. So when visiting Karlad Lake, you may also head to a nearby tourist destination on your vacation to Kerala. Gogeo Holidays based in Kochi arranges an engaging family trip to all the prominent tourist places spread across the state. To avail them, you just need to ring them up or contact online to book their tour packages and make your family vacation to Kerala everlasting and memorable. Happy holidaying!

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