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what are the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend

Best Birthday gift for Girlfriend

Is your girlfriend’s birthday coming and are you still confused about how to make her feel more special:? Don’t worry we have got awesome ideas of special birthday presents which you give to your girlfriend to show how much you love her and how much special she is to you?

Well choosing a perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend is a tough task. So we have made a list of some gifts we will impress your girlfriend and also save some money as these fit in medium budget also.

List of best birthday gift for Girlfriend

Romantic poem with birthday card and  Red Rose Bouquet

Red Roses are a timeless choice of people. These beautiful flowers are a sign of love. The special fragrance and dark color of  Red roses makes them perfect for all special occasions. Moreover, these roses will make your Girlfriend’s birthday more special when accompanied by a romantic poem and a beautiful birthday card. The combination of these three things will surely show her how much you love her.

Collage photo frame

Collage photo frame is also a superb gift for her birthday. You just need to gather her beautiful pics and arrange them in a proper way. It is a very easy task but you can make it by assigning this task to someone else also. You can also give this work in a Photo studio. They will frame it with a good quality frame also. She will really like it. It can be even more better if you can gather her childhood photos somehow.

Teddy bear

No doubt girls love to have a teddy bear. You can gift her a cute and fluffy teddy bear for her favorite color. It’s up to you which size of teddy you want to gift her. You gift her an extra-large teddy so she can keep it in her room or medium size teddy is also good. Wait you also give a very small teddy which she can use it in a key-chain. By the way, huge range of teddy is available in the market with more new ideas. You can explore them at photo studio and gift centers

Her photo printed t-shirt

Photo printed are in trend nowadays. You can also give her a photo printed shirt. By the way, her photo printed shirt is good but there many other ideas also like a pair of t-shirts “ KING-QUEEN”. You can get this T-shirt in photo studios. A point to be kept in the mind is that you cannot get these t-shirts on the spot. You need to order them in advance days all the process of printing needs time. At least you should order them two or three days before the birthday of your girlfriend.


All the girls love to eat chocolate. You can give her a box full of chocolates. You don’t need to buy these chocolates and pack them for gifting. There are already occasion packs and boxes of chocolates are already available in the market. However, you only need to choose the brand as there are many chocolate brands available in the market like Kit-Kat, Cadbury, Munch, 5 stars. Choose that one which your girlfriend loves to eat very much.

Classy watch

A simple and Classy watch is also a good gift to give to your girlfriend on her birthday. She can wear your gifted watch in her daily life. It is a good gift rather any showcase type gift which will be resting in a corner of her room. This gift will also add a memory to your relationship just like a milestone.

A huge range of brands and watches are available in the market, no matter how much the watch costs the main thing is that the watch should match her personality.

Beautiful dress

Gifting a beautiful dress on her birthday will surely win her heart. This gift can be quiet expensive but think about it, all this is for her happiness. Her birthday will become more special just because of you. By the way, talking about the dress you should be well aware of her choice, size and what type of color and dress type she likes to wear. After noting all the points you are ready to buy a new dress for her.

Dinner in her favorite restaurant

Besides giving some kind of stuff to her on her birthday. You can arrange a lunch or dinner in her favorite restaurant or hotel. Arranging dinner in her restaurant will be a perfect gift for her. You both can enjoy your favorite dishes together. Moreover, to make it more memorable if you can do a photo shoot of this special day.


If your girlfriends love to wear jewellery, you can gift her a beautiful and fancy bracelet. Nowadays Rhodium plated and gold plated Bracelets with shining stones bracelets are very popular among the people. You can gift one of them to your girlfriend. She will really impressed by your gift. By the way, these are kinds of bracelets are a little expensive and you will find them in gift shops or Artificial Jewellery store

Customized LED cushions

Customized LED cushions are very popular gifts among the couples nowadays. These cushions come with a printed photo of your partner over the cushion and an LED light within the cushion. These cushions are really durable. We cannot guarantee the LED how long they will last, but the cushions developed are of good quality. You will find these cushions photo Studios and have to be ordered in advance before the birthday date.

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  • Thank you for sharing the gift list. It’s very helpful for me to prepare Valentine’s Day gift for my girlfriend. I didn’t know what to give last year. I had better buy a woman’s smartwatch at the suggestion of my friend.That teddy bear she should like.