Best Cruiser Bikes In India under 2 Lakh

Most men have a desire to go cruising on open highways on a breezy day. To fulfill that, the best bikes you’d want to be looking for are cruiser bikes with their firm suspensions and big, powerful engines. Long and engaging journeys are made comfortable by a cruiser’s sitting position, riding stance, and the backrest for the rider. The Indian market has a ton of options available in this segment. The number of possibilities can sure give anyone a tough time deciding which bike to buy. To make this decision easier, here’s a list of the best cruiser bikes in India in the below 2 lakh rupees range.

  • Bajaj Avenger Series

The Bajaj Avenger is an affordable and reliable cruiser around. It is known for its uncomplicated nature, American-cruiser like styling, and an excellent fuel economy. It is available in 160cc and 220cc engines. If you’re not a fan of the long-stroke engines of Royal Enfield, the Avenger series would be quite appealing to you. The Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is driven by a 220cc engine with a maximum output of 18.7 HP and 17.5 Nm. The most compelling factor of buying this bike is its price range, which puts it in the list of best Indian cruisers. Moreover, with the fantastic offers by Bajaj Auto Finance, it could become even cheaper. There are a variety of loan options available, and you can also calculate your EMI with the eligibility and interest rates on the website’s online EMI calculator.

  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird

The Royal Enfield Thunderbird has been the go-to option for tons of customers who want to go cruising on long highways to take a break from the chaotic cities. The new Thunderbird X variants offer the categorical highway cruising capability of Royal Enfield while being more city-friendly and versatile. They are available in two versions, 350cc and 500cc. The former generates 19.8 HP and 28Nm while the latter, 27 HP and 43 Nm. The Thunderbird range starts from ₹ 1,64,004* for the 350cc variant and ₹ 1,98,605* for the 500cc variant.

  • Royal Enfield Classic

This one isn’t exactly a cruiser but qualifies as one in the Indian market. Much like its predecessor Thunderbird, it too offers trendy new colours that appeal to the millennial generation standardly fitted with dual-ABS. If you’re an adventure freak and want to take on the beautiful city of Leh, this is the bike you’d be betting on. Its reliability and toughness are what make this the bestselling Royal Enfield and such a popular cruiser. It comes in two variants, 350cc variant starting at ₹ 1, 57,097* and 500cc variant starting at ₹ 1, 56,304*.

  • UM Renegade Classic

The new kid on the block, UM, directly took on Royal Enfield upon its launch in India. While hitting the ground running with over 10,000 online pre-bookings, UM failed to get more customers, with its sale declining soon. The UM Renegade, though, can’t be branded off as a lousy product, offering excellent value for money. Powering this beast is a 279cc engine, producing 25 HP and 23 Nm. The range starts at ₹ 1, 80,525*.

  • Bajaj Dominar 400

This one’s been labelled a “power cruiser,” and it certainly lives up to that billing. It is truly a beast machine. Bajaj made some visual modifications, bumped the engine, and few minor additions. Its 350cc engine produces 39 BHP and 35 Nm, with a 6-speed transmission. Staring at ₹ 1, 90,002*, this is the most potent cruiser you can get under 2 lakh rupees. Bajaj Dominar 400 can also be financed with Bajaj Auto Finance with its appealing EMI offers.

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