Building A Strong Base for Marketing with Text Polls

If you are a small to medium entrepreneur and you want to boost engagements with people outside of the regular clients and customers then you can definitely go on and try out new methods of marketing. One of the proven ways of engaging clients and would-be customers is through going for their direct line. Decades ago, that would be through their telephones including the ones in their cubicles or offices. Because its the digital age, the customers or target audience’s smartphones have become the main access point to reach them.

This is the best way to engage them with their smartphones can be through a number of ways. The most common way is to send them a text message informing them of whatever messaging you have to share. There’s a myriad of ways you can do this too, either the straightforward way with all the pertinent information. The sweet thing about text or sms marketing is that you can also gather leads and information. So you can have it both ways with the message being a way to send information or it could also be a way to gather information like through text poll service

You can also gather engagements and raise awareness all in one go through your sms blast provider by creating or developing a sms based voting system. Through this system and through carefully planned approach, you would be able to hook in your target market and continually engage them with your choice of marketing voice. A good example of this is what local broadcast networks like ABS-CBN does with their prime time shows such as Pinoy Big Brother where they go and set up a voting system for their viewers to use when picking which “Housemate” should be saved from being “evicted” out of the house for good. 

While it’s mostly used for reality shows both locally and abroad, there are other uses for this. Still on the entertainment aspect, these text-voting systems can also be used to determine the outcome of anything that appears on a TV show. There was one series years back that utilized the power of sms voting to show the outcome that was most favorable for viewers. In that series, the TV show promoted the number and the two choices people had and by the deadline, a winner was decided. The winning choice was then attached to the final episode of the TV series. Some time later, they did a weekend run of the TV show this time, showing the alternate ending.

And if you think phone or SMS voting is limited to TV shows and community related events, you are wrong. There was a time in the 90s when DC Comics set up a telephone voting system where fans get to decide whether the new Robin, Jason Todd, should die or stay alive. DC fans were then adamant that they wanted to kill off the new Boy Wonder and as history recalls it, the number to kill Robin went off the hook during the campaign period.

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