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Business ideas which can be started with $100

Have you ever imagined that you can start your own business with just $100. It sounds like impossible. But my dear friends it is possible, there are some businesses which can be started with $100 or even less. Here in this article, we have listed some business which can be started from just $100 or less. These business only demand for little skills and knowledge

These business ideas which can be started with $100


Freelancing is a business in which you offer services to the people in which you specialize. Like if you are good at web designing, you can make an account on the freelancing marketplace. People will contact you soon after they see your profile. Likewise, there are many different services that you can offer to people like content writing, website building.

Every type of service needs some investment like if you are offering service a plumber, you need to buy tools for practicing your skills.


Blogging is a very good platform that wants to establish a business online. You just need to create your website. This too demands for little investment to buy domains and hostings. Other things like content creation and site maintenance can be done by yourself. Moreover, blogging also offers independent control. You can access your website from any part of the world. It can also be full time as well as part-time.


Vlogging is also low investment business. You can pick a particular niche about which you have perfect knowledge, then you need to post a video on a platform like Shutterstock and Youtube. It does not need expensive DSLR Cameras., you can record videos with normal camera of your mobile phone. Talking about the investment, you just need a camera for recording videos.

Moreover, if you want more people to visit your channel and videos, you can also run social media ads to promote your channel.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is very popular nowadays on social media. In this business, you only need to sell another company’s products. Whenever you generate a sale you earn commission. You can do research on this business on the internet. You may also find stories of some people who earned millions of dollars by doing affiliate marketing on a full-time basis.

You only need to invest in promoting your product through social media shout outs and ads, so that your product can approach more ad more people in a short time.


Becoming a consultant is also a profitable business profession. If you have good knowledge about something you can become a good consultant. Like if have good knowledge of real estate you can guide and advice people to help them take accurate decision. However, there many other fields also in which you start a consultant job. One of the highest demanded field is immigration consultant. Again you need a high level of knowledge to advise people on immigration. In consultant business you can start a business from your home. Only you need to spend on making banners and posters to market your business. Rest of the work remains on your advising skills.

App Developer

App developer business in demand is skyrocketing with time. This job demand specialized person who lots of experience in programming languages. Many Multinational companies seek skilled app developers to make maintain their digital apps on the internet.

In terms of investment, you have to invest in gaining knowledge to stay updated and also on marketing yourself.

E-book Creator

E-book creation is also a good business which demands very low investment. You just need to create an e-book on a particular niche. You can any niche either it can be health, entrepreneur, business, education, jobs etc. Then you need to list your e-book on different e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, e-bay. One of the most profitable platforms is the Clickbank marketplace.

Adsense approved websites seller

Adsense approved website seller is also a lucrative business. You just need to create websites with cheap high-level domains (.com). Next step you need to do is that work on them for some days and apply for Google Adsense. As soon as your adense accounts are approved your websites are ready for sale.

Moreover, you can also work as a middleman. You can outsource Adsense approved websites to someone else and then sell it to someone else at high prices.

Delivery boy

Do you have a bike or car? This is the best business in which you just need to deliver things to their owners. Though this business is not that much profitable, once you have gathered enough money from this business. You can spend that money on learning a skilled work

By the way, this business can also be carried on a bicycle. This business is suitable for unskilled people and student who wants to earn money for their daily expenses.

Skilled worker

Skilled worker refers to the people who specialize in a particular work. Like you can offer service of welding, plumbing, haircutting, bicycle repair, computer, and mobile repair, etc. Being a skilled worker, people will definitely hire you when they find problems in their daily life.

Pipe leakage, Puncture tires, Damaged computer screen, welding are certain problem can only be solved by skilled persons. People cannot solve this problem on their own.

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