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Cherish your leisure days at KeralaKundu Waterfalls with your dear ones

There would be no one in the universe who does not like to enjoy the scintillating beauty of the crystal clear water cascading from a great height. Enjoy its eccentric beauty and rewinding oneself will definitely help to energize. There would be no countries in the world which do not shelter awe-inspiring waterfalls surrounded by emerald trees densely populated in its surroundings. When speaking about waterfalls the first image that runs into your mind will be that of the Niagara waterfalls of the United States of America. A small portion of it could be seen in the soils of Kerala, the bottom-most state of India, called Athirappilly waterfalls. If there is anyone who hasn’t seen its marvellous beauty I would recommend you to watch the blockbuster movie Baahubali. When speaking about Kerala it would the only state in the nation that protects its natural wonders. Along with the meandering Athirappilly waterfalls you could also come across the mesmerising Vazhachal, and Keralamkundu waterfalls. The latter one belongs to ancient waterfalls situated in Kerala. Words are insufficient to express its beguiling beauty of the sapphire water flowing down. To know more about its noteworthy features scroll down the following paragraphs and learn more about it.

Keralamkundu Waterfalls

Situated 48 km apart from the Malappuram town Keralakundu waterfalls is positioned close to Silent Valley national park. As it is located in Karuvarakundu it is also known as Karuvarakundu waterfalls or Kalkundu waterfalls. The picturesque beauty, calmness and serenity of the waterfalls made Keralamkundu waterfalls into the list of National adventure tourism map in 2016. According to the studies it said that the region is embodied with rare and unseen species of fauna and flora. It is not only in monsoon and winter days even in the scorching summer days you find the climate of KeralaKundu waterfalls remaining pleasant. Due to this unique feature more than the families, it is the youngsters who gush to the region. Hundreds of hundreds of travel enthusiast from various parts of the world flock to the region by availing of cheap and best tour packages from Dream Holidays, the leading travel operator in Kerala. It is really an awesome moment to cherish the amazing beauty of the waterfall cascading from a height of 1500 feet above the mean sea level. Majority of the flowering plants’ borders the waterfalls carries some unique medicinal properties.

The water cascading from the great heights eventually falls down in the pool formed naturally by the waterfalls. It is known as Olipuzha in colloquial language. Most of the visitors who visit the region to capture its stupendous images into their camera will definitely dip into the calm waters. As aforementioned the pool formed out from the plunging waterfalls also carries some sorts of medicinal properties. Hence people who are physically ill avails of the packages early when compared to others. Even though it looks majestic from a great distance at the same time it is a little bit dangerous too. Till now no one has accurately predicted its inner depth. Without any prior notification, sometimes small or big whirlpools are formed in the pool and could harm our precious lives. Not only the depth of the pool carries danger but also the rocks enveloping the region, the rocks seem to be slippery all the time. Therefore be careful and alert before you jump to the pool directly from the rocks. When you interact with the local communities you will come to know about the future projects of government about enhancing the tourism at KeralaKundu waterfalls. If it is accomplished successfully the state could expect a large number of tourists every month and also it will help to minimize accidents to an extent.

 When to visit the KeralaKundu waterfalls?

As everybody knows the waterfalls dazzles during the monsoon seasons. To enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the waterfalls visits the iconic destination during the monsoon seasons. That is from May to July and October to November. The authorities do not appreciate the visitors during heavy downpours. More than the nature lovers it is the photography enthusiast who flocks to the region to click the irreplaceable beauty into their camera’s memory.

How to reach to the fabulous KeralaKundu Waterfalls?

There are mainly three ways to reach the mind-blowing tourist destination. If you want to cut-shot the duration of the journey you can board to Calicut International Airport. The amusing emerald KeralaKundu is located at a distance of 35 km from the airport. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty throughout your journey you can avail of train tickets to Melattur railway station situated at a distance of 10 km from the travel spot. If driving crazes you, you can drive your favourite vehicle through Perinthalmanna and Nilambur highway.

Do not conclude your journey after exploring the mighty KeralaKundu waterfalls. Make a visit to other noteworthy attractions such as Swapanakundu waterfalls, Koombanmala waterfalls, Kodimala waterfalls and so on. During your exploration, you can also visit the fascinating ancient bungalow constructed by the British during the colonial days. If you are tired of your expedition you unwind yourself under the mango tree adjacent to the bungalow. According to reports, it is said that the mango tree is one of the largest and oldest mango trees in the world. You can satiate your hunger by savouring scrumptious traditional delicacies such as meat biriyani, pathiri, mussels and ghee rice and many more. Before moving to your hometown purchases the local fancy products at reasonable rates from the markets with your dear ones. To learn more about the intriguing features about the tourist place grab the tour packages from Dream Holidays before it expires.

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