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Components, Versions and Chains of Survival in CPR Certification in Indio CA

CPR is the acronym for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and it is a type of emergency and lifesaving procedure done whenever the heartbeat of a person stops. Immediate CPR is essential to increase the chance related to survival of a patient by 2times or 3times after he/she suffers from cardiac arrest.

If you have a look at the statistics, you will find that approximately 475,000 people die every year in different areas of the United States because of cardiac arrest. In this blog post, you will get detailed information about CPR versions, components and chain of survival categorized under First Aid Certification in Indio CA.

Key Components Present in a High Quality of CPR

Almost every person can perform high quality of CPR, along with bystanders. It has five important components-

  • To reduce the numbers of interruptions in chest compressions
  • Assurance of hand placement in an appropriate way
  • To provide chest compressions of enough depth and rate
  • To avoid providing excessive ventilation
  • To avoid leaning over the patient during compressions

Versions of CPR

According to the experts conducting online CPR Classes in Indio CA, CPR has two different versions, which include the following-

For Healthcare Providers

First version is for healthcare providers and other trained individuals using conventional type of CPR via mouth-to-mouth breathing and chest compressions at 30:2 ratio of compressions to breaths. In the case of adult victims of sudden cardiac arrest, rescuers can perform chest compressions at about minimum 100 to 120 per minute to minimum 2inches depth for average adults. On the other side, rescuers should avoid excessive activity of chest compression depths i.e. more than 2.4inches or 6cm.

For Bystanders and Common People

Second version is available for bystanders and common people witnessing the case of sudden cardiac arrest in adults. In this case, experts of CPR Certification in Indio CA provide training sessions related to hands-only or compression-only type of CPR. Hands-on type of CPR involves providing CPR without the medium of mouth-to-mouth breathing. This type of training is recommendable for people seeing any adult or child suffers from cardiac arrest in out-of-hospital type of setting, like in a park, at workplace or at home.

Roles of Chain of Survival and AED to Recover Cardiac Arrest Victims

Chain of Survival

A strong chain of survival is essential to improve the recovery of victims suffering from cardiac arrest. For this, experts involved in providing CPR and BLS Certification in Indio CA focused on following major aspects related to the Chain of Survival.

  • To recognize the problem of cardiac arrest and to activate the emergency response system
  • To detect CPR as early as possible with a strong emphasis on various aspects of chest compressions
  • To perform both basic and advanced emergency level of medical services
  • Accomplishment of rapid defibrillation
  • To provide advanced life support and care after cardiac arrest

Other than this, the American Heart Association provides guidelines to implement AED programs at any company or organization. AED is the acronym for Automated External Defibrillators, which play vital role to enhance the chance of survival of any victim of sudden cardiac arrest.


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