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CPR AED and CPR Techniques To Learn from CPR Certification in Highlands

Objectives, Contents and Eligible Professionals to Acquire BLS Certification in Highlands

Cardio pulmonary resuscitation is a type of lifesaving technique or procedure, which is useful in heart attack, cardiac arrest, near drowning or any other similar type of emergency. The technique associated with CPR in Highlands comprises of a combination of artificial ventilation and chest compression.

Based on the ability of cardio pulmonary resuscitation to restore the circulation of blood and breathing to vital organs, many institutes have started providing CPR Certification in Highlands for healthcare professionals. In this blog post, we will discuss in detail about CPR AED classroom and video-based program offered according to the AHA guidelines.

Overview and Contents of CPR AED

CPR AED program offered by the instructors of CPR and BLS in Highlands teaches the application of AED and adult CPR, along with the ways to relieve the problem of chocking on adults. AED program is perfect for all individuals, who have no or limited medical training and require a course completion card in AED and CPR use to fulfill job and related requirements. Important contents of CPR AED are-

  • Application of AED and Adult CPR technique
  • Application of AED and child CPR
  • Adult choking
  • Infant choking
  • Child choking
  • Infant CPR

CPR instruction comprises of top quality compressions, breathing, airway management and various ways of using a mask.

Interesting Features of CPR AED

Applicants choosing for this type of training have to work with a good AHA instructor. Accordingly, the interesting features of the program are-

  • Video based learning program to make sure of consistency
  • Instructor led and hands-on class format to reinforce enough skill proficiency
  • Fully updated science contents and student manual

Knowledge of Important Techniques in CPR

Other than knowledge on CPR AED, you will expect to know a few of the important techniques associated with performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. These include the following-

High Frequency of Chest Compression

High frequency of chest compression is one of the essential cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques. This method is helpful in improving the condition of resuscitation from sudden cardiac arrest. The oscillation procedure is done via inflatable vest, which remains attached to machines. This machine conducts physical therapy of the patient’s chest mechanically by providing vibration at a high frequency. The vest causes vibration of the chest to lose as well as thin mucus.

Open Chest CPR

In case of open chest CPR, healthcare professionals access the heart of a patient by following thoraccotomy procedures. Here, the combination of fingers and thumb is useful to perform compressions. Alternatively, a few of the doctors use extended fingers and palm against the sternum for compression. The technique generates forward flow of blood and pressure in the coronary perfusion.

Interposed Abdominal Compression CPR

Interposed Abdominal Compression CPR is a 3-rescuer technique. Accordingly, the technique involves the chest compressor, abdominal compressor and the rescuer to provide the essential ventilation. The technique consists of conventional chest compression technique done in combination with alternative compression on the abdominal area. This type of CPR technique enhances diastolic aortic pressure as well as venous return to improve the pressure of coronary perfusion and flow of blood to vital organs in the body.



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