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Agile software development methodologies are used in almost every form of business. New businesses are adopting various agile approaches. Also, the old businesses are shifting from traditional project management to new agile systems. Thus, trained and experienced professionals are required to manage the new systems.

What do project managers do?

Project managers are an important requirement for the growth of any firm. The various aspects of the business depend on how the managers handle the given situation. The different areas where a manager focuses his attention are:

Schedule- A good project manager is responsible for maintaining a tight schedule. He makes sure all the departments carry their actions and submit their best work on time.

Resources- A manager strives to find the best resources which can be used to bring the desired results.

Quality- He makes sure the quality is the best in the industry. Also, he is the one to finalize the product details. Thus, if there is any defect found, he has the right to reject the product. His motive is to ensure perfect quality is delivered.

Stakeholders- He is the one who acts as a link between the stakeholders and the business. He is the mediator and is responsible to deliver necessary inside information to the outsiders and vice versa.

Cost- He is responsible to lower the cost as much as possible. The main aim of the project manager is to minimize the cost and maximize the profit of the output.

Communication- A manager helps in maintaining the flow of communication. He transfers the necessary details to all levels of management. Also, he ensures that all suggestions and grievances of the lower levels reach the top level of management. And proper instructions reach the workers and supervisors.

Does Agile need project managers?

The answer to the question is YES. Agile is just a methodology and someone is needed to carry on the methods and techniques.

Agile is an approach which is driven by the values and principles under it-

Agile software development methodology is just an approach which has certain specific values and principles. These methods cannot be carried itself. A physical person is required to govern the principles. Therefore, a manager is recruited as he ensures all works are submitted on time and all the guidelines are followed appropriately. He monitors all the individuals in the project and gives proper feedback to each one of them. Agile roles are different for different frameworks such as Scrum, XP, Kanban, etc.

Agile talks more at the execution level. Anything outside it needs project management-

Agile only mention what is to be done and how it is to be done. But apart from this, who is to do it and when it is to be done, answers to such questions are given by the managers. Any project involves a lot of activities before and after execution such as planning, fixing the authority- responsibility relationship, and controlling which involves a comparison of the actual results with the planned results. Thus, a manager is a must to look after all these.

Therefore, apart from selecting the best agile approach, a business must spend their valuable time in researching about the managers and finally hire the best professionals. The more experienced and talented the managers will be, is more likely the business or organization will achieve success.

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