Do you Know the Intriguing Facts About the Pandanus Nicobar Fruit?

Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the most popular archipelagos of India. Words are insufficient to express the astounding beauty of the island. Hundreds of people visit the island and spend their most memorable days by indulging in enthralling activities. Who said that a vacation will be complete only when a person enjoys all the modern amenities together? Such assumptions will be erased when people visit the beguiling Andaman and Nicobar Island. The island lacks all kinds of modern technology that a developing city possesses. But still, people flock to the region to explore its magnificent charm and enjoy the beauty of emerald nature. Most of us might have read many fairy tales where a beautiful princess married to a handsome and brave prince and moved to an isolated place and lived happily thereafter by enjoying the resources of Mother Nature. The story can be imitated in our life too. The islands of Andaman and Nicobar are not less than a fairy tale. The islanders over there behave just like angels and are always ready to help the visitors with their outstanding services. People from various corners of the country such as Hyderabad avail of tour packages at cheap rates from Andaman Tour Travel to discover the splendid beauty contained in every gift of nature. Never think that the island has been abandoned or it does not possess any judiciary system. The government of India looks after the island. Port Blair, one of the largest islands of Andaman serves as the capital city and hosts the only international airport called Veer Savarkar International Airport. The beaches are noteworthy attractions of the island. They offer a wide array of aqua venture activities to discover the hidden facts of marine life. While traversing the lanes of the island travelers could learn more about Animism. It is the religion followed by a minor group of islanders. Other communities either follow Christianity, Islam or Hinduism. Along with them if visitors are lucky they can catch the images of the aboriginal tribes residing in the isolated portions of the Andaman and Nicobar Island such as Sentinel Island, Jarawa Island and so on. Has anyone ever heard of eating the nest formed by birds for laying their eggs? The answer would be probably No. But such nests are widely seen in the shores of the island. Such nests are formed by the Swiftlet birds using their saliva. It is said that the nests are very sweet in taste. The island also hosts a unique species of crabs called coconut crabs. They have the ability to eat the flesh of the coconut. Has anyone heard about the Pandanus Nicobar fruit? Some people say that the fruit is known as the state fruit of the island. There are many intriguing facts related to the fruit. So don’t waste your valuable time just narrow down the following sections and learn more about it.

Pandanus Nicobar Fruit

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Pandanus trees are mainly seen in the Asian and African continents and also in Oceania. Pandanus trees are generally called as ‘screw pines’. When compared to other fruit-bearing trees these Pandanus trees hold a distinctive appearance. They have slender stems and aerial prop roots with sword-shaped or screw-shaped leaves of five feet long altogether make it a weary look. The Pandanus trees are seen in various species and each tree differs in the shape of leaves. The leaves are used to wrap the cooked rice and it is widely known as ‘rice dumplings’. The fresh leaves of the Pandanus tree are dried and used as a flavour in curries. The flowers of the Pandanus trees are usually petalless. The fruits of the tree are very heavy. They assume the shape of the cone or a ball formed by the ovaries of adjacent flowers. The seeds of the other flowers are transferred though the birds or bats. Some of the Pandanus trees are used for fruit while others for growing seeds and some others for both. The edible Pandanus Nocobar fruit is seen in either red or yellow colour. The seeds of the fruit are oily in nature. The pulp part of the fruit can be eaten directly raw or sometimes it is made into a paste. The pulp is sometimes diluted with water or with flour and used a refreshing drink. Not only the fruit but the flower, seeds, and pollen are edible too. Trees began to bear fruits from the age of 5 or 6 years. The fibrous part of the Pandanus combined together to form a brush. The brush is used to remove dust from the feet. Does anybody know what happens when a tree gets older? It develops its own either stilt roots or aerial roots. The Pandanus trees are used for commercial purposes such as for the making of mats, baskets, ropes, twines, umbrellas, hats, and various other fibre products.

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