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3 important tips for a personal loan

Before going to discuss some of the important things which are related to personal loan from a bank. There may be several reasons like domestic loan option, commercial loan options, debt consolidation loan or loan for remittances. These are the few options and requirements for which one has to make the best personal loan in UAE. It is hard to find the best option because of a diverse number of lenders. Most of the private firms and banks which provide loan are very professional in the UAE.

The lender and the borrower are bound to keep the agreement in a personal space so that no one would get into any problem. This is a serious project because it’s all about the direct money involvement matter and everyone would be at risk in case of a third party. You can choose some good options and before that, we will talk about the reason for taking a personal loan. Suppose you start a business by taking a loan from a bank or any other lender in the UAE. Unfortunately, your business stuck somewhere and now after some years, you realize that you are going into worse conditions.

This is hard to initiate a business and then to maintain it with the best output. In case if you are struggling with your business which was turn on a personal loan investment then you have to think about your plans. In these conditions, you have to face a minimal ratio of profit. Now the only option in front of you is that you stop this business so that to save yourself from extra expenses. This would be the worst condition because on one side you have to face the bank loan and on the other side your business is off. When you approach a bank keep this thing in your mind that ultimately your lender in the form of a bank or any private firm, they will ask you about the loan amount which is due at your end. The investment amount which was invested in your business is that you had borrowed for investment and must have to pay back. In this situation, you only have one option to save your side that you take another loan option which is called consolidation loan package.
You can take the services of any bank in Dubai for a loan package but the rates must be economical which is hard to find. But if you want to go with Mashreq Bank, you need to follow and accept the following terms and conditions for a loan package:

  1. Always keep one thing in your mind that your past banking record should be clear and make sure to explain exact and real figures. If you are looking for some priority based services then do have a proper plan to cover the package till the end.
  2. For most of the expatriates, low-interest personal loans are available by thing banks and can be paid back through installments along with agreed interest rates within a fixed period.
  3.  It is written in the agreement that if the repayment of loan time will not be possible within the fixed period then the level of interest rate would become a bit higher than the actual rate. The ratio of interest rate will automatically be increased according to the annual percentage increment on the loan amount with a delay in the time.
  4.  How much loan amount is required by a specific borrower is depend on the status of a client. The total amount which is provided for a full-fledge loan package is included the aggregate of the Principal Amount, Deferred Charges, Credit Life Insurance charges, Loan Processing charges, and some other things. You keep one thing in your mind that all amounts and interest charges which may be payable according to the agreement must be covered on time.

Keep things simple for a loan package

Everyone who is in search of taking a loan from a bank should have an idea about the repayment of the loan amount. This is very important because you don’t want to pay some extra amount if you get into a default situation. This is based on actual banking requirements and according to this condition, the borrower has to show a receipt or confirmation of all documents. For most of the high net worth individuals, it is very easy to demand a fixed amount of loans. For such account holders, banks and other financial corporations are always ready to facilitate them. The reason is very simple that these are the customers who can settle the financial matters. You need to follow the further instructions of a lender so that to avoid any problematic situations.

We suggest you all if you have taken a loan then make sure that you are paying the installment on time. The annual charges for sure would be written in the agreement and both parties are bound to face the consequences. This agreement is signed by both parties which are the actual stakeholders in this project. If you are not paying the payment on time and you are missing the installments that are due for each month, it would be very problematic in the future. You’re lacking on the personal loan in Dubai and there is no restriction for a lender to debit the amount from the borrower’s account.

Now the next thing is the personal loan interest rates and it depends on the status of a borrower. With an excellent credit history, everyone can approach any private or public sector bank for the best offer. While on the other hand a customer or an account holder with bad repute regarding credit history cannot get a good package. First, no lender will agree to provide a loan package according to his or her demand. Second, if someone would agree, they will charge some high rates.


The choice of a lender depends on your financial situation because most of the private banks are very particular with this thing.

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