Give Your Products A Boost By Displaying Them Inside Custom Pillow Boxes

custom pillow boxes

Some goods like hair extensions, jewelry items or eyelashes, etc. are very delicate and sensitive in nature. There is always a risk that they might break, crush or crumble during storage or shipping. Even sometimes superior quality boxes are unable to sustain their integrity. There must be something in these boxes that can let these items of high delicacy rest easily. A built-in cushion or a pillow can do this job effectively. This cushion or pillow will provide the perfect space that is needed by the product. Boxes with a pillow are also perfect to sustain the integrity of all fragile goods during shipping or storage. This pillow will not let your products crush or crumble while holding the goods tightly in their place. If you are engaged in a business of manufacturing or selling fragile goods of any kind then pillow boxes must be your priority. In this regard, you can also craft your own creative and stylish Custom Pillow Boxes. These personalized boxes with a pillow can be manufactured in any specific shape and size. You can also build these boxes with a hanging tab to give your fragile goods a prominent and secure place in your shop.

Custom Pillow Boxes

Strong and durable pillow boxes

The durability of your Custom Pillow boxes matters a lot. If low-quality boxes are used to showcase your fragile goods then there is no use of making them with a pillow. These boxes will collapse during storage, shipping or even on the shelf damaging the packed content too. Using cardboard to create durable and sturdy packaging boxes is a perfect idea. Cardboard is strong enough to carry all kinds of goods with ultimate security. There is no risk of any damage, crushing or crumbling. Even the most fragile products remain safe inside these superior quality cardboard boxes with a pillow. These strong and rigid boxes also keep your products safe from environmental hazards like sunlight, moisture or heat.

Use trendy and innovative ideas to create spectacular pillow boxes

To gain customers’ attention you can make your Custom Pillow Boxes eye-catchy and artistic. There are various designing and printing techniques as well that can add spectacular features to your product packaging. Choosing a variety of bright colors or a blend of these will make your custom printed boxes prominent on the shelf. You can also use your brand theme to make your pillow boxes evident and noticeable. The use of UV spot printing or graphics designing will make your product packaging trendy and stylish. Using silk fabric to wrap the pillow inside will give a luxurious finish to your pillow boxes. Using plain white fabric in this regard is highly recommended as the white color will clearly highlight the features of the product. But you can also use printed or colored fabric to wrap the pillow.

Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

To make your customers fully satisfied, you can build a die-cut window on the front of these boxes. This transparent window will let the buyers view the packed items clearly thus bringing their satisfaction to the maximum level. Creating product boxes with a window also prevents your products from tampering. You can also give a matte or glossy finish to your pillow boxes by using foul stamping. Use of aqueous coating helps you preserve the printing designs of your pillow boxes thus keeping them fresh all the time.

Make your brand advertisement exciting and colorful

You can make your pillow boxes an exclusive advertisement for your brand. Print your name and logo on these pillow boxes clearly and let these boxes endorse your brand in the market. Labeled product boxes are not just boxes but they are your sales representatives. They will let the customers know your brand’s story and quality standards even before opening the box. Your creative and innovative product boxes will motivate the customers to refer your name to others as well. Thus not only the old subscribers will remain loyal to your brand but new ones will also be attracted to your products. You can also contact The Custom Packaging if you want proficiently designed custom boxes with a pillow. The company has expert designers that can craft unique and spectacular personalized boxes with a pillow exactly according to your needs.

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