Go for STD Screening with Stress-Free Mind

Go for STD Screening with Stress-Free Mind - STD Check London

Sexually transmitted diseases or infections – whichever name you may call them by – are potentially devastating and should not be ignored or left untreated. Health-related severities like organ damage, infertility, blindness are not totally unknown when you leave an STD untreated. Hundreds and thousands of STD cases are registered in the UK every year. But most people do not care to get the right treatment on time, which makes things complicated. A large number of these people suffer from non-specified symptoms, which make correct diagnosis quite difficult. Above everything else, rumours and myths blended with fear discourage many patients from visiting STD clinics for their symptoms.

Visiting an STD clinic is never easy nor comfortable. But doctors associated with a reputed clinic that provides private STD check in London are of the opinion that the uneasiness and discomfort vanish away when you know what happens during such tests. Once you know what you’ll have to go through during your STD screening, your mind is no more under stress and you won’t find things awkward in an STD check clinic anymore.

So let’s discuss the process of STD exams in the following paragraphs. But who should take these tests?

  • STD screening is recommended to individuals, whose sexual activity is significantly high
  • Such tests are also recommended if you’re about to enter into a new relationship
  • If you and your partner are not using condom during sexual encounter
  • If you or your partner have multiple partners to have sex with
  • If you detect any STD symptom in your body

Different types of STIs

There are multiple varieties of STIs but based on your symptoms the doctor will test you for any or some of these. STD testing in men and women hardly vary although they have different private parts. The first thing for an STD screening is to relate your concerns or symptoms to the doctor. Else the task becomes as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack for the expert.

Tests for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

Screening for both Gonorrhea and Syphilis involves taking your urine sample or that of any other body fluid. Screening for Gonorrhea also involves drawing blood sample from the body. The infection remains undetected if the test is done within the window period. Therefore, two tests are required, one within 1 to 2 weeks after exposure and the second one within 90 days of exposure. You do not urinate for 2 hours before the test to ensure accurate samples are obtained.

Test for Syphilis

Sample for Syphilis test is collected either from your penis or an open sore. At advanced stages, blood sample is tested. Usually, the problem is curable with antibiotics. If it is not timely treated one may develop serious health issues like nerve problems, paralysis, blindness, heart problems and even death.

Test for Herpes

 Herpes screening usually involves examining the sores around your genital region or the mouth. The doctor will simply rub a cotton swab on a sore to collect the necessary sample. In case, you have not yet developed sores, the doctor will draw your blood sample. Herpes screening must be done twice because the virus usually remains undetected first time.

Test for HIV

HIV testing is done through blood samples, say doctors involved with private STI screening in London. If the result is positive the disease is established. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus affects the white blood cells or WBC. As a result your body loses its natural immunity. Practice safe sex to stay away from this severe disease. If you’re tested HIV positive, do not worry, follow your doctor’s guidelines and stay healthy.