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How to decorate your first home

If you have already gone through the purchase phases of your new home, you are ready to choose the furniture. Home decorating is an exciting time when each of us usually brings out the best in our creative side.

Today we want to give you some tips in our blog to furnish your first home to obtain a harmonious result , in style and in line with what your tastes are and with your idea of ​​home.

Follow a furnishing logic

The excitement of filling your home space can lead you to make risky, unreasoned, and impulsive choices. This is especially the case when you find yourself going through the first few rounds of a patrol in the corridors of  any other home improvement shop.

If he starts buying everything we like that we sell in stores, we will get a less harmonious result, that is, a messy mixture of styles and colors. Here are our tricks to decorate your home with style , logic and taste.

1 Your home style project

Before buying property in Curacao and after then deciding how to furnish your home, carefully examine the spaces and possibilities that the property gives you. It is not the same thing to embellish a 40 square meter studio apartment and a 120 square meter four-room apartment.

Then decide your style based on your tastes. There are those who prefer a minimalist decoration with smooth and clean surfaces, those who are influenced by the style of distant cultures and prefer an oriental decor, others prefer an industrial decoration.

The bravest and most creative will try to mix colors and styles. No matter what your style is, the important thing is to decide one and design all the home decoration with that line, in order to obtain a pleasant and harmonious result.

2 Your daily habits

Before choosing which furniture and furnishings to use, think about your habits and passions . The house must tell a lot about you, and be your safe place to carry out your favorite activities.

For example, do you like reading? Organize a discreet and relaxing reading corner , away from the noise of the house. Do you love yoga? Why not set up a space dedicated to this practice, perhaps in Indian style. Or are you a TV series lover, sofa and cover? Then focus on the comfort of a cozy living room.

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  1. Colors and furnishing materials

Interior design experts recommend not to choose more than three colors to decorate the house with. Generally a neutral base is used, a little brighter and a touch of more vivid color. While for the walls the light colors remain in vogue.

The new trend in terms of home furnishings is the use of natural materials that transmit peace and serenity to the home. Raw cottons, linen and light silks are preferred. The light and neutral colors are also particularly suitable for small spaces because they give light and make rooms seem larger.

  1. Less is better! Make room

When people move, they realize how many objects accumulate over time. A dispassionate advice is to make room for starting a new life in another home.

A clean environment, without too much junk, will help you bring harmony to your new home. So start by throwing away the old things you don’t use , to get rid of the past physically and mentally!

  1. Decorate by disguising defects

Unless you have bought a house as a builder and it is 100% impeccable, the houses often have small flaws, details or corners with some imperfections. You could take advantage of it to take advantage of the decor to hide minor flaws.

The typical example is a chipped floor, which can be covered by an elegant carpet. Or a hole in the wall covered by a picture that goes well with the furnishings of the house. Dress your home smartly and make it flawless!

  1. Decorate with plants and flowers

The elements of nature are increasingly sought after in home furnishings. There are many varieties of indoor plants and flowers that are ideal for beautifying your spaces. And if you don’t have a green thumb, you could buy fake plants that don’t require any care.

  1. Details that make the difference

As we said, the house must tell about you, and what could be better than objects that reflect your story and your passions? Canvas and exotic canvases, small pieces of works of art, self-portraits, photographs and everything that tells the personality of those who live there.

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