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Guide to Buying A Motorcycle in Dubai


Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Do you live in Dubai? Do you wonder sometimes how could it be possible for you to buy your motorcycle in Dubai? Worry no more. This short but comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of owning your motorcycle in Dubai.

1. Determine your budget:

The first step in owning your motorcycle is to explore how much money you have in your pocket. There are a thousand types of motorcycles in Dubai for sale. From those that are extremely pocket friendly to those that are very expensive, all kinds of motorcycles are available in Dubai to meet the needs of people belonging to different socio-economic groups.

2. Search online for a motorcycle of your choice:

If you are okay with the idea of buying a used, second-hand motorcycle, searching Dubai classifieds would be a very excellent option. Found online or in print editions, Dubai classifieds provide you with a fast, efficient, and effective way of searching the motorcycle of your choice. If it is your first time buying a motorcycle, buy a 250cc bike as it is easier to handle than a 600cc motorcycle. Starting you need to ride a motorcycle that is easy to handle – if you are buying a motorcycle for the first time and are aiming for a 600cc Yamaha YZF-R6, you are committing a huge mistake. Be mindful of what you are capable of driving and what you want to buy.

3. Carefully inspect the used motorcycle:

If you plan to buy a used motorcycle, make sure you thoroughly inspect it to determine if there are any signs of damage or if any parts and components need to be replaced. In particular, watch out for:

  • Torn leather of the seat.
  • Cracking paint of the body.
  • Rust marks around the body and the tank.
  • Clipping breaks.
  • Grease on chains.

You must remember to bring the purchase price of the motorcycle down to the level where its sale price justifies the number of defects in the motorcycle.

4. Motorcycle financing options:

If you seriously considering buying a motorcycle in Dubai, but you do not have enough funds in your kitty, do not worry. There are several motorcycle financing options in Dubai you can make use of to buy your dream motorcycle. There are 2 motorcycle financing options for you in Dubai: either apply for a motorcycle loan through your local bank or get it with the assistance of local dealership from whom you are planning to buy the motorcycle.

5. Invest in good quality safety gear:

As you buy your dream motorcycle you must make sure that you also invest in very fine quality safety gear. Here is a list of motorcycle safety gear every motorcyclist needs to have:

  • Safety jacket made of either nylon or leather.
  • Good quality safety helmet.
  • Protective gloves.

6. Be mindful of motorcycle maintenance costs:

As you embark on the journey to buy your dream motorcycle, be mindful of the fact that motorcycles require maintenance at much more regular intervals than cars. Motorcycles tires are also a bit on the expensive side.  A good set of motorcycle tires may cost you somewhere around $300 to $500; further, they are more susceptible to wear and tear than car tires hence they require greater maintenance than car tires. Also, according to motorcycle experts, motorcycle tires would need to be changed every 3000 or so miles.

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