Handy Buying Tips for Buying Men’s Stainless-Steel Bracelet and Tungsten Rings

When it comes to men’s jewelry segment, the picture of bracelets and rings often come in mind. To start with the bracelet, there is a huge craze for this among men. To be specific, the stainless-steel bracelet is the hottest favorite among men. Though its demand increases during the wedding seasons, men would love flaunting it throughout the year.

In comparison with the rings, stainless steel bracelet is indeed more preferable for men as an all-occasion product. There are many advantages of stainless-steel bracelet that gives it the edge over even the gold and platinum in modern times. Incredible is to see the huge range of designs one can find in this segment post inception of online stores.

Not just design; these bracelets have started surfacing in various color options as well with the fascinating finish. However, as all that glitters is not gold. Similarly, not every stainless-steel bracelet showcased at the stores can’t be blindly purchased. There are certain aspects a buyer needs to keep in mind as the modern-day sellers apply different tricks to drag profit.

Factors to check while buying stainless steel bracelet

Length and width

Length is one aspect that one must check while buying a stainless-steel bracelet. In general, a men’s bracelet is expected to be of at least 9 inches in length. But, there is no guarantee of this specifically with regular online stores regarding length. It is thus advised to enquire about the same if it is not mentioned.

Similar is the case about width, as well. In general, the width of a men’s bracelet remains at around 9 millimeters. Bracelets for men look the best at this width. Perfection with length also matters as far as comfort is concerned. In short, just like length, one should stay ensured about width while buying a stainless-steel bracelet.


Being made up of stainless doesn’t ensure that the bracelet is always good. After all, one can’t wear raw stainless steel; it has to be turned in to a product. To make it a proper product, giving it the perfect finish is highly essential. In this context, one needs to ensure that it is given the best class silver polish. One may specifically ask about the same as well at the stores.  

Comfort and Weight

Weight is another factor that is essential to be checked while buying bracelets. To keep the perfect weight, most people prefer having bracelets that use material made up of chromium and nickel. It makes the product enduring, as well. Moreover, while buying a stainless-steel bracelet, it is important to make sure that it comes with a perfect locking feature as the old simple models hold threats of missing. 

Buying tips for men’s tungsten rings

Tungsten wedding rings are equally trending these days among men as well. To be specific, tungsten men rings black is a favorite of many. In most cases, these rings are compounded with nickel binder for endurance and better look. No need to worry about nickel as it causes allergies (in some cases) only when used with Gold.

There are no such threats when it is used with tungsten carbide as it remains strongly bonded with other atoms of the ring. However, if the tungsten carbide is blended with a cobalt binder, it should be completely avoided as it involves threats of allergies. Cobalt coming in contact with the skin oil causes stains on the product, which doesn’t go easily. Ultimately, it is suggested that a buyer should enquire about the materials used, as well as the percentage of its usage to ensure the best quality and safety. Specifically, care must be taken about those stores which promise things at an unbelievably low price. 

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