6 Different Kinds Of Hats For Men

In modern times it has been seen that men scarcely wear hats. Without the decorations of hats for men, the fact is simply pitiful. A hat will be able to finish every procedure all in a single step irrespective of whether you are avoiding the exposure of sun or any other embellishment of the shape of your face. 

Hats play the most important part of ornamentation and practical function, be it in history or present. The other name for individuality as well as personality is hats.

A person’s trait can be determined through the hat which one chooses. Hats along with custom hat printing have again attained its name under men’s fashion accessory recently with the recurrence of the classical style.

Top Hats

The top hats were usually presented in Victoria times is something that is necessary to mention while speaking about men’s hat. We should not be neglecting them although we can only see them in the European activities as well as in the I films.

For more than one century, the top hats were in vogue and ranged between 14 to 19 cm. At that time, the hats were the symbol of a man’s status. There were usually two reasons that made these hats popular ones in that period.

By wearing these hats, the men appeared taller while the other reason is that they would be steadfast on the head while they are riding a horse in deep shape.

Fedora Hats

The fedora hats are fashionable in modern times while the top hats were popular in the past. The type of hats is quite practical. They can be quite suitable whether you wish to wear casual clothing or formal clothes.

A nice fedora hat will be able to solve the issue one in a minute while you are rushing to go out and have enough time to clear up the hair.

Men who usually care about the details and the celebrities find out some magical effects of the fedora hats. In some urgent situation, they consider their hats as their secret weapon.


People who have a round-shaped face, fedora hats are not suitable for them. The round shape will not be able to highlight the perfect effect of this kind of hats since the fedora hats are inverted cone-shaped ones.

The round hats will simply look fatter with the fedora hats in addition to all. The fedora hats are much more appropriate for people who have a relatively thinner face for this reason.

Peaked Cap

When the hunters go out for hunting, the peaked caps are the best meant for them. They are also known as the hunting caps. The peaked caps are usually combined with the sporting style both in spring as well as in the summer.

For sporting their suits,  a lot of design would love adding to a peaked cap. There are caps of silk fabric, synthetic fiber as well as threads that are forming for the materials of the caps.


The brims of the caps will have an influence on the shape of your face since they are always quite low. For narrowing the face figure, the square-shaped face can wear the peaked caps.

Baseball Caps

For every kind of face figure, the baseball hats are the most suitable ones. The common people, as well as the celebrities, usually favor the simple style and the leisure feature.

Your face figure can be embellished with the long hat brim of every shades and effect. With every kind of leisure suites, they can be perfectly matched.

Cowboy Hat

Through the middle west of America, the cowboy hat is derived. To resist both rain and wind, they are mainly made of felt. The cowboy hat is specifically designed to be worn during functions.

The materials used for them have changed a lot as they have a wild and handsome appearance. The materials used for the construction of cowboy hats are lighter than what was made easier with the use of cotton and flax.

The color can have several variations as they are not confined to the traditional black and brown in addition to all. The men while wearing them can look like a tough guy as well as a lot more masculine.


The cowboy hats are the favored ones for people having the oval-shaped face and are bold in figure and this highlights their face figure.

Panama Hat

This type of hat can be worn both in summer as well as in the spring as they are mainly created out of the grass stalks, flax or bamboo stalks as they are well-ventilated.

You can also get printing done on it through custom printing Vancouver services. You are sure to come across several different kinds of Panama hats that you can choose from.

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