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Honor 9 vs Honor 10: What’s the difference?

honor 9x

The Honor 10 is here and if you’re in the market for a borderline flagship with a little difference in the price, it would be a great option for you. This model is available at an upper mid-range price and quite popular among upper-middle-class users. But if you are a user of Honor models then most exciting thing is that it’s positioned and designing is exactly like the successor to the Honor 9X – a phone much appreciated by reviewers and we also liked enough to give 4.5 stars to in our review. The only difference is that Honor 9X price is less than Honor 10 which is going to enter into the smartphone industry.

While on the other hand the Honor 10 is also slightly more expensive but an improved gadget than that handset. Now the point is if you are getting some features similar in a lot of ways, and also have an opportunity to get some extra specs, there is no point to stick with the old model. You’ll have to wait to get an in-depth idea and our full review to know more about this upcoming latest model. In this article you get the opportunity to a full comparison of the specs of the two handsets, so you can see what the actual difference is and which one option should be adopted.

Difference in design

Both these honor models Honor 9 and successor 10 have similar designs and structures, at least from the back and sides. You can see that both phones sporting a metal frame and a bright glass back which is quite popular among customers. This is no plain, normal glass, rather it bends light to eye-catching effect that is not available in any other android phone. In case of Honor 10, the screen can even change slightly and depend which angle you want to view.

If we look and have a view from the front, both models clearly different, as the Honor 10 has a bright notch above the screen, while the Honor 9X has a strip of bezel throughout the screen. As for the dimensions and weight, the first one comes at 149.6 x 71.2 x 7.7mm and 153g, while on the other hand the Honor 9 is 147.3 x 70.9 x 7.5mm and 155g. The latter is a bit heavier but not that much different.

Battery Life: the most crucial factor

Power is a much-needed thing and can be considered as the life of a phone. Now we are living in an age of fast-tracking ideas and machines, so a super-fast charging option is for sure the future of the smartphone industry. With wider options available under the banner of Huawei brand, Honor 9X, and other models does not disappoint you in this important situation.

Availability and affordability

If you are residing in UAE or KSA regions, don’t need to worry about the availability of Honor models. But if you are in another region, you can use Honor 9X buy online options through any shipment service.

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