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How AI and human works together in Modern Companies

How AI and human works together in Modern Companies

The idea of AI “Artificial intelligence” dates back to 1956. In early times, it was not easy for people to adopt AI. But now, the time has changed and with this people’s attitude toward AI has also changed a lot. In modern companies, AI and humans are working together to increase productivity with both quality and quantity aspects. Some of the tasks in which human and AI work together are given below.

Why AI and human collaboration is beneficial for modern companies?

AI or Artificial intelligence is a revolution in the business industry. It can increase productivity by 80%. But though artificial intelligence cannot perform all the works alone. It needs human to complete some works.

For example- better communication and elaboration of product to the customers. That’s why it is said that AI and humans are stronger together rather than Apart. Moreover, they both can achieve many heights together. The only need is to combine the creativity of humans with AI’s speed and accuracy together in a proper way.


Checking perfection of work in production houses

Every company aims at serving the perfect product to their customers. From car manufacturing plants to toy manufacturing plants, all of them produce numerous units simultaneously. So it’s very difficult for human workers to check each and every unit carefully. AI machinery helps to scan for the detected units in the production to help humans to eliminate the defected unit from the production line

Increase productivity

AI technology also increases productivity in big companies. Many products need sharp finishing. Average worker needs lots of time to do this work. Whereas AI-based machinery does this work in a very short time.

Only humans need to do program these machinery to do the work in the desired work repeatedly in the same manner.

Attend the customers all around the world online

Global companies like coca-cola, Adidas has their customers all around the world. So, to attend the problem of their precious these multinational take help of advanced chatbots.

These chatbots are programmed in advance by humans according to the problems customers may face. These are similar that we experience when calling customer care services.

One more important thing, to attend the customers personally through calls, meetings, seminars AI technology also helps humans by working as a universal language translator.

It is impossible for every human to have knowledge of all languages of the world, so AI makes this work easy for the humans. It translates the language so that customer support and customer can interact easily. We can see this technology in Google’s online translator where we can translator every message in all languages.

Decision and prediction making

AI helps humans in decision-related tasks. Through its algorithms, it predicts all the possibilities that may occur after taking a particular decision.

For example, AI helps to choose the perfect route to deliver the units safely and fastly. Google AI bots work similar to this which helps scanning traffic on the road In Google maps and prefer the best route.

Regular maintenance alerts

As manufacturing plants run on heavy machinery. Often after long usage of the machine, there is a need for repairs and exchange of old and damaged parts.

AI technology helps scan all the machinery and give indications when these machines wants repair or there is some kind of damage due to over usage of machines. This feature is similar to motorbike analogue meters when they show service due alerts on its screen, when bike needs service.

Assistance data processing

Every company always tries to increase its sales. But this can only happen through deep research. AI assists humans to process huge amounts of data and analyze it to find the best opportunities to increase sales.

Moreover, AI also helps in suggesting better growth opportunities for the companies in the coming time. Once work is done, all the outcomes of AI are once again checked and verified by the employees, so to make it more relevant.

More new Innovative ideas

AI speed and accuracy together with human creativity leads to many new innovative ideas to reduce Production cost and increase the speed of the work. Moreover, AI also helps humans to complete risky works in modern mining companies.

As there is a huge risk while mining so AI helping finding weaker regions in the soil to avoid sliding. This all work done is through high tech sonar system and sensors.


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