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How does Social Marketing and SEO work together?

Relation Between SEO and Social Media

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Many new people who are just beginning their journey in Digital Marketing have the mindset that Social Media and SEO are two different means of marketing and it is better to choose one and optimize it. This greatly limits the lengths to which one can expand their marketing strategy. We need to understand that Social Media Marketing and SEO complement each other and work together to bring much more value and credibility among the business’s target audience. Let us see how:

1. Promoting Content with Social Media Marketing

One great way in which Social Media can help you is by putting more of your content on its platform which increases the chances of exposure through social media if your rank on the search engine is not doing the trick. We know that based on how well you optimized your SEO, your website will be ranked on search engines. And while advertising on Search Engines you may have come up with many different innovative ideas and snippets that are keyword optimized but were able to only display a few due to the limitations of the digital space. While getting your traffic organically, the remaining content can be put on social media where a regular update on content is encouraged. This way you will get traffic from both organic searches and redirects from social media. Though the redirects do not have much of an impact as the authentic searches, they significantly play a role increasing time spent on your website and bounce rates, indirectly helping you boost chances of a better SEO rank. Hence, do not let your content go to waste, instead use it on social media to drive traffic to your website.

2. Engaging with consumers

Social Media acts as a platform for your business to engage with consumers. Consumers can message you directly for queries on their orders, shipping, etc. In fact, the engagement that happens between consumers and your brand is also taken into account. The frequency of engagement and tone and speed with which you reply to your consumers all adds up to an impression of how important your customers are for your business. It adds to your overall online reputation. A positive reputation can expand connections and leads to a bigger Return On Investment (ROI). Your brand will get featured on the top ranks for the topics and keywords with the most engagement.

3. Getting Links to your website

If you can keep up a good online reputation, this will be sending many customers your way. If your consumers are satisfied, they may even decide to tag you or include your website’s link on their posts to commend the good work. This way the number of links that you get linking back to your website will increase, adding on to your SEO Score. Backlinks are an important factor that Google and other search engines take note of. This is especially beneficial if the shares come from influential websites or websites that already are known for having high credibility. Almost all influential people have social media, hence, you can exploit this advantage and identify those who will be willing to use your product and promote to them. This way you will obtain many high-value links which can greatly enhance your SEO rank. Also. keep in mind that to be able to achieve this, you need content of great quality and a website that adds value to customer’s experience.

4. Increased Exposure

Unfortunately, authentic searches only work if a consumer already wants a similar product to what you offer. Social Media Marketing, on the other hand, can display your product before consumers even search for it. As mentioned above, by increasing your consumer engagement and providing quality content on a regular basis, you boost your online reputation. This way more people will talk about your product and your product may be trending with the use of several hashtags, etc. This means many people will come to know about your product as it may just show up on their wall due to its popularity. This means you will receive more brand-specific searches. People who may find your product interesting will search up your brand online leading to increase web traffic to your page which raises your SEO score propelling you to the top ranks of the search engine.

5. Existing partnerships among Search Engines and Social Media

The fact that there are already ways in which you can use both Social Media and Search Engines in tandem to carry out your marketing strategies suggests that there is an undeniable relationship between the two. This way you can regulate the content you are providing each marketing platform and ensure they are in line with each other. A very popular example would be the ties between Google and Twitter, the more regularly and relevantly you tweet the higher the chance that your tweet shows up on a related authentic search. Hence, this partnership will help improve your SEO score if there are relevant keywords in your tweets.


Though the impact of Social Media on SEO may be difficult to catch with a naked eye, it is definitely there. And business owners who become aware of this connection and use it to their advantage are more likely to be more successful with their marketing efforts.

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