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How Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services Are Impacted due to COVID -19

Dry cleaners in Noida

We all are aware of the impact of COVID -19 on all over the Indian economy. This COVID-19 has impacted each every Industry and businesses whether it is small or large but we will discuss the impact on dry cleaning and laundry business because these services are part of our daily life. Most of the small scale dry cleaning companies have a negative impact on their business or some of them are forced to close but most of the focused companies have got growth in this period reason behind that is their customers intensify cleaning efforts to reduce the infection risk.

Now as every industry has got opened, research shows that demand for dry cleaning and laundry services is getting increased because everyone needs to clean their clothes and other items to reduce the risk of virus infection. The national cleaners association recommended that not to shake the clothes, should use the separate basket for unloading dirty clothes and one should let the clothes dry thoroughly so that there could not be the risk of any kind of infection. Various companies have also implemented the extra sanitizing procedure with their regular services to assure their customers. In this scenario, ozone gas gets injected into the cold water intakes to kill the harmful bacteria and viruses.

Let’s have a look at impact of COVID-19 in Noida and “nearby Regions

According to the researchers, overall dry cleaning and the laundry service sector has grown US$18.9 Billion worldwide but if we talk about the Dry cleaners in Noida, they have got the little it downfall in their business.  The situation is also persisting in nearby regions like Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad. But now as lockdown got unlocked, then dry cleaning and laundry business is getting back on track. People are very much aware of the process and need of all kinds of sanitization whether it is related to home cleaning or laundry services. Business owners are also taking care of their client’s satisfaction levels in terms of sanitization. They keep the transparency of the process of cleaning and pick up the delivery process.

Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Economy

As we all are aware of the situation of our country in this pandemic, the government had locked down all public and private sectors and even small businesses so, most of the people have job loss in unrecognized sectors. Still, the Indian government is trying to get back on track by unlocking procedures with new guidelines. This pandemic is the fast and foremost human disaster of this year.  Indian government and RBI are continuously working to mitigate the impact of COVID -19 on the Indian economy.

Dry cleaners in Noida

As now all the business in public or private sectors has got opened with government guidelines we also have to follow the rules and guidelines of our government to contribute to the Indian economy. We all have to understand our own responsibilities of sanitization and social distancing etc so that we can fight with this COVID-19 collaboratively.