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How Often Should you Use Fuel Additives?

There is a lot of confusion about fuel additives here on the internet. It is a step to increase your car’s performance. It does boost the performance of your car and has a lot of benefits.

Vehicle owners have a lot of confusion about the frequency of adding fuel additives. Some people are using it more than needed and some are not using enough. This article has you cleared. But first, you should know what fuel additives are.

What are Fuel Additives?

Fuel additives are mainly classified into two types. One is a fuel performance enhancer and one is fuel stabilizer. Performance enhancers are used when your car is in daily use or is running. These are meant to improve the abilities and performance of your vehicle.

When a car is not in use for longer periods, fuel stabilizers are used. It is meant to keep fuel functioning. Fuel performance enhancers are mainly the one people think of as additives.

Types of Fuel Additives

There are four kinds of fuel additives:

Fuel system cleaners are the most common type of fuel additives. They are used to scrub and brush the carbon and other types of built-up from your system.

Fuel injector cleaners are another type that is used for the same purpose of cleaning carbon but from the fuel injectors. Fuel injector cleaning will allow a better performance.

Gas Mileage additives are meant to enhance the gas mileage of your vehicle. It is a very popular product to add as an additive in the fuel.

Cooling system additives are used for car maintenance. They are effective for smaller leaks in the fuel system.

How Offen Should You Use Them?

It is not a fixed amount for every single car. It depends upon what your car needs. Some cars need more amounts of gasoline additives than others. You have to figure out the best amount for your car by reading the car manual. Fluctuations in the amounts people use can occur because of the amount of time they drive their car for.

For average use, add roughly about 1 oz of the additive per gallon and use it after every 6 months. Avoid overusing the fuel additives as it may lead to excessive built up in the fuel system.

People mostly use it after every 6 months and some may take it to a year. But no harmful effects have been seen at these frequencies.

Benefits of Using Additives

These are all the benefits of using fuel additives for all of you who were wondering what it does:

It cleans the engine thoroughly from any build-up. It will also prevent your fuel from leaving its gunk or excess behind that sticks to the engine.

Additives help in the completion of your fuel cycle. Thus, they help you save money by completely using the fuel in the system.

It will increase the efficiency of the fuel as it will help in the complete and thorough combustion of fuel that will result in more power supply to the engine.

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