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How the Best Brands Connect with Gen Z?

Leading brands, service providers, and businesses across all streams are working hard to stay connected with Generation Z, as they are the next big group of people who are going to account for almost 40% of the buying power in the economy. You may be wondering; how the best brands connect with Gen Z? They are also known to have an impact on the way their friends, family, and other closed ones make their buying decision so overall; they have a huge role to play in the future success or failure of a brand. There is no simple and single solution to the problem of connecting with Gen Z. Several brands have dumped a ton of their money in target marketing their goals towards such customers. One of the best and most effective marketing solutions that some of the leading brands of the world use to connect with Gen Z is TikTok marketing.

Gen Z Loves TikTok

According to Gen Z research and insights, Generation Z customers love social media platforms, especially Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok in particular. Gen Z Creatives have grown over the past couple of years mainly due to the strong growth and development of TikTok as one of the leading social media platforms. There are a lot of reliable TikTok advertising agencies operating all over the globe helping companies achieve their targets in a much better fashion.

TikTok was one of the most downloaded and subscribed video content sharing applications last year and with a strong subscriber base, they are growing rapidly. Almost 60% of subscribers belong to the Gen Z category, which makes this the perfect tool for targeting Gen Z. Leading brands recognized this long ago and work in close relations with some of the best TikTok influencers to grow, develop, and create strong brand awareness and following.

The moment Instagram accounts started sharing TikTok videos, the trend has shifted and Gen Z has started to focus on this platform more than ever before. Even some celebrities, TV hosts, and other famous public persons have started using TikTok to communicate with their fans and loved ones.

More than 40% of the active video content uploaded on TikTok is by Gen Z customers, which tells us why leading brands like Amazon, Disney, McDonald’s, etc. have started spending their marketing money on TikTok social management strategies. TikTok might be fun and entertaining from the outset, but it is also one of the best viable marketing options available, including Gen Z Ads, for businesses to reach out to more Gen Z customers than ever before.


Following the footsteps of all these major brands and business organizations, even some of the upcoming startups, small, and medium businesses have started realizing the productivity and cost-effectiveness of TikTok and are signing up for the services provided by some of the best social media marketing companies. This is the time to make the best use of TikTok advertising because once it grows to the level of Instagram and others, the competition is going to be stiff which will automatically increase the costs you’d have to incur.

Gen Z Influencer Management

Influencers are productive and help brands target a particular demographic such as men or women or teens or graduates and so on, which is a valuable asset to have for businesses. Leading brands have strong relations with some of the leading youth influencers who help them grow their brand in the best way for Gen Z, as these consumers are considered a major challenge for businesses, even more so than millennials. Branded hashtags and TikTok brand challenges are some of the key marketing campaigns brands have used in TikTok. The impact that such marketing campaigns have had on Gen Z is long-lasting, which is an amazing feat. This should answer your question, How the Best Brands Connect with Gen Z?

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