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How to Capture Heart-Worthy Photos With Your Travel #OOTD

Some new rules in life are now changing the norm of travelling.

We hate to admit it; but, if not on social media, it didn’t happen ‒ right?

For many celebrities, famous bloggers, and even average Millenials and Gen Zs, it goes without saying that social media becomes a tremendous part of travelling.

Well, it’s given that most of us would want to Instagram the heck out of our travels and (of course) the outfits that flaunt with it. 

Now that IGable travel OOTDs are becoming more mainstream, it’s time that we, travellers, learn to photograph our beautiful travel memories ‒ and show off our OOTDS while we’re at it.

Below are tried-and-tested photography tips that you’d love to show your tour buddies. After all, your feed goals depend on how great they are at taking your photos.          

Framing at its finest. 

Your photo must be screaming, “Dude, I was here!”.  Find a good framing that tags your location, whether it be the famous Eiffel tower or some rock formation somewhere in Bali.  Learn to find your spot and always flaunt with a signature landmark of your travel destination. Believe me, showing off the place triggers your followers to double tap on your photos.   

Scout for impressive backgrounds.

Keep your eyes open for playful graffiti walls, inviting storefronts, and stunning views for a total photo background to pose against. Take note that matching the tones of your outfit with your background can also add charm to your photos. Finding a familiar that’s characteristic to the place you’re in is another trick.     

Escape the crowd of photobombers. 

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Sometimes having a nice background with correct framing isn’t enough especially when you’re in a popular city. Often you’ll do some great poses but just as your photo’s taken, you’ll then find random people walking right behind and even in front of you. Photobombers are always unwelcome so here’s the trick: either you shoot upwards, go there extra early, or opt for a close-up, depth-of-field shot to help omit the crowd from the frame.    

Shoot during the golden hours. 

Either shortly after sunrise or before sunset, golden hour always provides a pretty, flattering light that makes your skin look more pinkish glowing and natural.  

Capture moving OOTD. 

Have you seen moving outfit snaps lately? If not yet, check out your favourite fashion gurus trying to utilise video clips or gifs in showcasing their outfits and accessories from their timeless Ray-Bans to their fashionable Sprayground Bags.

Make sure to cover your style, showing off every little detail that you don’t want your followers to miss from an ordinary photo. Your photographer can do a pan shot that follows every element of your outfit. Do random poses, turn around with on-point twirl to showcase the back, and voila! Render your outfit in action with some jive music for a fun shoot.     

Play with interesting poses. 

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Who says standing up is the only way to flaunt your outfit? Find a chair to sit on or a field to lie down to. This way allows you to create new, interesting poses that can show off your entire look. Always be creative but just be careful with stains on the ground. 



By: Sarah Contreras

Sarah is a full-time writer, who likes turning ideas into useful words. Aside from writing sonnets at 6 am, she also blogs for Northern Menswear, a flagship store for casual and contemporary designer men’s fashion in Australia. When she’s not writing, she spends her precious little time — thinking of what to write next.

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