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How To Choose A Real Estate Agent

When we are going to hire a agent for real estate in that case we need to be conscious because he/she will be the first impact of your company on your client. You need to follow these simple trick by which you can judge that the agent is ok for you or not.

Ask him about the experience of this business

First question which you need to ask to the agent is that how much experience do you have in the same field because he have any experience about the same sector so that will help you out completely,otherwise you need to first trained them than you can asked them about the business.

Ask him about the last deal

You also can ask him about the last deal that how he/she handle the deal and in how many days it was. It will gives you the complete picture of that agent that how he work for the company. 

Ask him about the sale ratio

Next question to ask is sale ratio in a month that in last month how much sale he did or how much deal he finalize it will also gives you the future picture of your business.

Ask about the marketing plan or the strategy

While taking the interview of the agent you need to asked him about the future plan of the agent like if he need to sale a 1 bhk flat in noida so what he will do than. What will be the strategy for that.

Ask about the reference

When you are taking a interview of a real estate agent so in that case you can ask the candidate that do have some reference which you can provide to us because for sure it will be a fake picture but you will came to know that How well your agent can create a fake image in front of the customer. 

What are the top three thing that separate you from other

This one is the normal question which every questioner ask to the candidate that how you are capable or explain about your quality which make you different from other candidate or why I hire you as my agent.

Ask him that how he/she can help you to provide lead

Next question is to asked him about the lead that how he/she will gave you any lead with out your help or when you are not in the office. You can also asked him to make a fake plot in noida deal to be done. It will be like a mock call.

Ask him that what is the question which I need to ask you but I forget

Now this is the time to check the presence of mind of the agent you can ask him that what is the require question which I need to ask you but i forgot to ask, here you can check that he is listening you or not.

Now after taking all these round and the question you will surely came to know that is he is able to be a part of your organization or not. If you are ok with him than connect him with Right Realtors .

Author by : Chetna Sharma is the author of this content who is writing content from last 2 year which will helpful for the side and for the user. Website will get the traffic and reader gets the information.

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