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How to design a good t-shirt for you

The type of t-shirt worn by us tells about our personality. How t-shirt designing can be done? I will tell you in detail. Do you want to make it to impress others? Or do you want to wear it at some special occasion like a family reunion or a birthday party?

Your purpose of making it can be anyone of the mentioned above but the process of making it remains the same.

Now I will describe in detail the various steps involved in designing this garment.

1.Your requirement for the t-shirt has to be figured out first – You may want to do branding by making the use of t-shirt. For fashion purposes also you can make it. But it should clearly deliver your message. You should use the logo of your brand in it if you want to make it as merchandise. The logo must show some dominance in it.

2.The quantity and budget must be defined by you – After defining your quantity and budget you can easily focus on making it. Your design process will be affected by the number of t-shirts required by you and the amount of money that you can pay. You can use as many colors as required if you have a definite amount of money. It can cost you more if you want to use additional colors. You are suggested to conserve the colors if you have a tight budget. Your printing method will be influenced by the quantity of t-shirts required by you. If you want to print in bulk then there are various methods for it.

3.Get a knowledge of the options of printing – The right method for printing a garment requires consideration of several things. These can be materials, production time, appearance and cost. There are several methods of printing:

  • Screen printing – Printing in bulk can occur if your design’s original screens are made by the printer.
  • Vinyl graphics – Not only ink but durable vinyl is used in vinyl printing with the help of heated transfer.
  • Direct to garment – Printing can be done directly on garment here by use of inkjet printing.

4.You need to do brainstorming of your concepts of design – You should do brainstorming over the type of the t-shirts, imagery and style, typography used on the t-shirt, various colors used in making this garment and techniques of printing.

5.Your design must be evaluated by you – Your favorite designs can be easily selected by you when every version is browsed by you. Your technical and marketing needs should not be forgotten by you. Do you have enough budget for getting all the required colors? You can ask certain questions from the people passing by or from your neighbors:

  • After looking at this garment what message do you get?
  • By whom this garment should be worn?

After wearing the garment, what people think about you can be determined after getting answers to these.

6.Right files should be selected by you – When the right design for the t-shirt is with you have to pick the right files on the basis of your printer’s information.

You will require the following things:

  • Make the garment in vector format – You can use files of EPS, PDF or Adobe Illustrator (AI). While creating a t-shirt design you will need one of the above-mentioned files.
  • Use of color codes – As per your choice several color codes like CMYK or Pantone can be used by you if custom colors are supported by your printer.

7.A good printer should be selected by you – Now you have to print the designs with a suitable printer. You should go for that method of printing which can be provided to you at an affordable price. You have to check whether an art department that is in-house is provided by a printer. Instead of design images finished garment samples should be requested by you.

A t-shirt design software gives you the facility of customization and later you can purchase the t-shirt from the ecommerce store.