How to gain followers on Instagram in 2021

Do you run a company Instagram or an interesting personal profile and wonder how to reach new recipients? Despite great content and regular publications, your account stands still? In this post, we will tell you how to successfully develop an Instagram account in 2021!

In our opinion, it is a mistake to think that good quality content will defend itself. We’ve been in the Instagram account promotion industry for over 3 years and have seen thousands of interesting accounts that, despite the efforts of the creators, have not gained popularity.

The old advice: “create more and more interesting materials, add hashtags, publish periodically” can be very demotivating. If you try to do this, despite your best efforts, results usually never come. From there, it’s getting closer to giving up and not building social media any further. However, the above paradigm can easily be turned into an endless streak of success on Instagram.

What’s the secret? Should I buy followers, likes, use a bot for Instagram? – No, nothing like that! There are no shortcuts in developing your Instagram profile. Buying artificial traffic can lead to your account being blocked or even deleted by Instagram. It is similar with bots – Instagram blocks them so well that simply connecting a profile to the automation system very often results in an immediate blockade. We have heard about blockages lasting even after half a year – half a year without the possibility of leaving likes, comments, descriptions for photos, or even publications. It’s not worth the risk!

We have to admit, however, that some automation tools are used to bring satisfactory gains. These times, however, are gone forever. Instagram plans this year to allow influencers to monetize directly on the platform, so removing artificial activities has been a priority for the site for a long time. Advertisers will not want to pay for empty ranges, reaching Arab fake accounts does not make sense for them. Some sites that used to offer account promotion automation services have changed their strategy by offering cheap packages without having to enter a password. How do they work? It is simply a subscription to a recurring purchase of artificial traffic. The fastest way to kill engagement and account lockout.

How to develop this profile? Maybe promoting your posts? It is some method, but usually used without a strategy, it generates very high costs and does not bring results. More likes bought at a high cost, no long-term results, and no gains in followers.

Let’s start from the beginning – why do people use Instagram?

For entertainment, following friends, celebrities, community participation, sharing information, photos, moments, moments, and experiences, among others. We often observe accounts related to our passions and interests, we follow people who share our hobbies. This knowledge is the key to starting effective actions.

We need to focus on a given niche. Our profile needs to be optimized from start to finish to appeal to and attract our ideal followers/customers. If each photo has a different subject, there will be no consistency – the chances of success are slim. If new people checking our profile immediately think “oh yes, it’s my style and atmosphere!” they will stay with us for longer.

The next step that we must take to efficiently develop our account is getting traffic to the profile. Without new people coming to our account, Buy Instagram followers Greece  will be standing still. How to get traffic on Instagram?

Interact with your niche. Find similar profiles, join the discussion, comment / like a photo, observe some interesting accounts. Don’t act like a bot – get involved and express your interest in the work of others. Write a longer comment, spark a discussion yourself. Above all, however, focusing on people who may be interested in what you do. Thanks to this, you will gain a lot of traffic back to your profile from the target group you choose. They share similar topics and interests, and that’s what social media was created for! Use the direct nature of Instagram – meet people, play with the platform and the increase in your reach and followers will be a natural result of your actions.

However, remember to start slowly. If you usually spend 5 minutes a day on Instagram just scrolling through the feed, suddenly leaving a large number of comments, likes or observations will be suspicious for the platform. You can get a temporary lock, e.g. for 24 hours.

So start slowly, increasing your natural activity each day. This way the algorithm will get used to you being an active user and won’t block your actions.

How do you find people in your niche?

Check the accounts you are following – you can find active people in the comments under the posts, or among people who like similar photos. Also, use hashtags – check them yourself and follow searches to see popular photos in your niche.

How long should such activities take?

We recommend spending from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, this time will bring the best results. What if I don’t have time? We promote accounts for our clients – we can help you. Each customer account is assigned to a dedicated social media manager who will perform all interactions for you, devoting up to 2 hours to it every day. Your account will be assigned to our employee who best understands the given niche – thanks to this you will be guaranteed success!

Is our strategy really working?

Check it out – below we present a screenshot from the account analytics of one of our clients from the automotive industry. The screen is from January 2021:

Additionally, in addition to gaining engaged traffic for your profile, it’s worth considering a smart approach to promoting your posts. We’re not talking about clicking the blue ‘promote’ button and throwing your money away, but a smart and thoughtful strategy. Each promotion should be run by the ad manager with the goal of activity – selecting a given post on Instagram and making sure that the ad will be active only on Instagram to achieve the lowest cost/result. When setting up an ad, it is worth remembering about appropriate targeting – here we also target our niche, so let’s choose specific interests. We are also happy to help with this!

Also, remember about Insta Stories!

Regularly inserting photos can be difficult. But don’t let your followers forget you! Share everyday life or work behind the scenes, engage your audience with daily insta stories. The Instagram algorithm will see that you are an active user who cares about your audience. Remember to upload at least one report every day. Use all available functions – create polls, encourage to ask questions, and interact. If you’re planning an event, be sure to set a countdown so that your audience can join you at important moments. Contribute to the platform and make your followers look forward to your reports of the day!

Good luck in developing social media in 2021, we are sure that applying the above tips will help you grow quickly and efficiently on Instagram in the new year.