How to open a beach bar, buy or rent and paperwork

In many, especially among young people, they dream of working but at the same time living in contact with people and the sea, that is, finding themselves doing a job that in addition to earnings brings good humor and a sense of fulfillment.

Surely one of the activities that encompass all these factors is the opening of a beach bar and in this article we will explain what needs to be done to undertake this activity.

It is however very important to understand that despite the location this is still a job and as such every choice before being made must be carefully considered so as not to find yourself only with a broken dream that leads to the loss of the capital invested.

Choose the place

So first of all, the area where you decide to open the bar should be studied well, if this is populated by tourists or just a passing beach that sees few close friends frequent it, because in this case it is better to close the dream in the drawer instead of venturing in safe losses.

Buy or Rent

Another important aspect is to decide whether to rent or buy the place where to raise the bar and if this has belonged to other people in the past, it is advisable to first ask for a short period of support to understand the true potential of the place before deciding whether to take charge of the activities.


Once you have cleared your doubts and therefore made the decision to open a beach bar, you have to start with the bureaucratic process. If the bar already exists and belongs to another owner, the first thing to do is to sign the contract of transfer before a notary.

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VAT number

Once this is done, it will be necessary to request the opening of a VAT number, register in the register of companies, communicate the start of activity to the competent municipality and open a social security position

Bartender Course

Once the bureaucratic parts have been put in order, we must move on to the professional ones. If you have never worked in the field, you must attend professional courses for baristas, or if you have attended a school such as the hotel business, you can safely undertake the activity, or as a third option, you can decide to entrust the role of the barman to a experienced person, while the owner will take care of the administrative part. Logically, hiring a qualified person will entail costs to be deducted from any earnings.

How to behave with customers

However, it is essential to ask yourself some questions before embarking on the path of opening a beach bar. If you are brought to this kind of work, if you are able to smile and be friendly with all customers always and in any case, if you can bear to work in a place where all customers are there to relax.

In theory it is often easy to imagine yourself on a beach and surrounded by people who have fun and who can make the work day lighter, but the reality can be drastically different, because while other people have time to have fun and relax, who has a Bar License, even if on the beach, only has to think about how to make profits, thus never being able to get distracted and above all without ever lowering your guard, because nothing is enough to turn a dream into a nightmare.

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