How to Protect Your Website from the DDoS Attacks?

DDoS is one of the most common cyberattacks on websites used by hackers with malicious intent. It can leave your online business unavailable to the clients throughout the attack. This may result in huge losses that may affect both the present and potential clients.

Not every business can afford the help of a cybersecurity expert because of the limited budget. However, you can use some simple tactics to create additional layers of security to protect the website. You can rely on them to a certain extent as no system that works on 0 and 1 is immune to cyberattacks.

Here, you will find some simple methods to protect your website from DDoS attacks and ensure the store remains open 24*7.

What are DDoS Attacks?

DDoS attacks stand for Distributed Denial-of-Service attack that disrupts a server. It is a type of cyberattack that overwhelms a website with fake traffic. Your website will remain inaccessible to users.

It is advised to learn about the DDoS attacks before jumping to the solution for it. Your server resources can manage a limited number of visitors that can range from a few thousand to millions. Small businesses are more prone to these attacks because of their small investment in security tools.

Tactics to Protect from DDoS Attack

These are the tactics to use if you want to protect the business website from DDoS attacks-

Server Level Protection

The web hosting service providers also offer protection from DDoS attacks with some additional tools. You must check the tools provided with the plan before signing up for the services. Some of them are free of cost while others can charge some subscription or one-time payment.

Ask the web hosting company for the available DDoS protection tool if you already have a website. They are activated by default based on your plan or service provider. Therefore, you can check them on the user panel as well under the security settings.

WAF/CDN Solution

WAF/CDN solution such as Cloudflare provides many security features for the sites. These features cover various attacks from hackers to make the internet a safe place for businesses. Once activated, you can enjoy the free SSL certificate provided to personal blog owners.

Cloudflare is not the only option available for the CDN/WAF services. You can search the internet and take reviews from others to find a cheaper solution. The alternatives will fulfil the purpose at a relatively smaller price.

Upgrade Bandwidth

As mentioned above, the hackers will initiate a DDoS attack with some overwhelming traffic for the site. The fake traffic will occupy the resources to make the access of a user almost impossible. You can either prevent the attack or increase the resources to minimize the impact of an attack.

Most businesses create a website on major platforms that provide unlimited bandwidth to the site owners. This is extremely helpful in the case of a DDoS attack. Most of the attacks will not be able to occupy the resources with increased bandwidth.

Cloud-Based Solutions

As mentioned above, you may need unlimited bandwidth to nullify the impact of a DDoS attack. Cloud-based systems are the cost-effective solution here with unlimited bandwidth and traffic for the websites. Moreover, you can access the data anywhere and anytime with the help of these systems.

Not only the website but cloud computing is also being used for data transfer within the organization. They are more secure than physical stores because of the numerous risks associated with data theft and loss. However, you should still have a physical backup to manage an emergency.

Increase Security of Network

There are many tools available on the WordPress plugin section to increase the security of your site. They will help you add more layers of security to make DDoS attacks more difficult than ever. Moreover, installing those plugins is easy with the help of some YouTube expert.

However, it will still require some level of investment for the implementation of cloud technology. Freelancers or sole traders can either wait for the business loan approval or take out loans for the unemployed in the UK from private lenders. You will end up saving considerable money with this protection since the risk is massive.

Do Not Wait for the Business to Grow

Many startups and small businesses make the mistake of waiting for the business to grow before they invest in cybersecurity. This is a common mistake that can lead to serious damages. The competitors can play dirty to get rid of new competition with the potential to disrupt the market.

Investing in cybersecurity is similar to buying insurance for the business. You can rely on it greatly for some unexpected situations that can cause a major crisis. Similar to insurance, invest in cybersecurity from the start.

Use of CDN

Content Delivery Network or CDN refers to a group of networks on different geographical locations. These networks work together to increase the speed of content delivery on the internet. It will not only protect the system from DDoS attack but also increase the loading speed.

It is different from a web hosting service as it cannot host content for the websites. However, the DDoS mitigation and certain optimization will surely help increase the security layer against malicious attacks. The additional benefits also include reduced cost of bandwidth consumption because of the data optimization.

Bot Traffic Blocking

VPN and cloud hosting services provide a feature to block bot traffic on the website. Users can activate it on the settings section under some category based on their service provider. The amount of irrelevant traffic on the web pages will decrease along with the chances of a successful DDoS attack.

In the End

To sum up, the business with dependency on their website must put some extra efforts and investment into cybersecurity. It will protect their business and customers from attacks from hackers. With the right level of security, you can keep your focus on the other critical task to run your business.