I bet you do not know the intriguing facts about the Bay Island Driftwood Museum

Expedition to unexplored places was a passion or a practice for human beings for a long time and it could be clearly seen in the pages of history. In the past, people migrated from one place to another for various purposes such as in the sake of job chances, food, availability of water and many more. As a result of migration and settlement civilizations such as Indus valley, Chinese and Egyptian took birth in the planet. Our ancestors itself understood the importance and benefits of exploring new places. In the past, if people chose to travel from one place to another it was only for survival but now the purpose of travelling has changed a lot. The present generation, when compared to the past, are more interested in expeditions. They just want a small reason to pack their bags and step out of their house. More than the aged people it is the youngsters who are in indulged in exploration activities especially enthralling events. Just for instance consider the newly married couple to get relief from the wedding rituals and to enjoy the solitude in its full mode soon after the marriage they would fly to some unknown places that are highly enriched with natural resources. When speaking about the honeymoon destination Kerala, the southernmost state in India is no far behind to any tourist destinations in north India. Famously known as ‘god’s own country’ the state is proud to be called as ‘garden of Eden’ and no wonder if someone accredits it like that. Because when compared to any other tourist destination in the nation Kerala welcomes a large number of newlywed couples every year and this showcases the spectacular beauty of nature in Kerala. The topmost places that not only honeymooners but also a group of adventure enthusiast visit are Munnar, Kumarakom, Vagamon, Aleppey and so on. When speaking about Kumarakom how one could forget to mention the tranquil backwaters and gorgeous bird sanctuary that shelters thousands of birds belonging to various species. Sailing through the pristine waters in the houseboat one could explore the magnificent beauty of beguiling nature. Inside the houseboat, one would get the opportunity to relish the scrumptious delicacies. Every year hundreds of travellers visit the iconic destination by availing of tour packages. If you want a tour package at a cheap rate and want to experience excellent hospitality services without any hesitation purchase the travel packages from the prominent travel operator called Gogeo Holidays. They are one of the leading travel planners in Kerala. Everybody knows is famous for alluring backwaters and audacious Bird Sanctuary but does anybody know about the Museum which found a place in the book of Limca Book of Records. When someone hears the name museum, the first image that runs into their minds will be many historic tools, weapons, equipment and so on. But has anyone heard about a museum that shelters sculptures carved out of wood! The answer would be NO. One such museum is situated in the hearts of Kumarakom and it is known as Bay Island Driftwood Museum. The museum shelters wood carvings. It is run by Ms Reji Punnose. For several years she was working in Andaman and Nicobar Island, an archipelago of India. In the following paragraphs, one could learn more about the Bay Island Driftwood Museum.

Bay Island Driftwood Museum

When we see a log of wood the first image that runs into our mind is to use it for making furniture or use it to burn. But such ideas did not arise in Ms Reji Ponnose’s minds. Instead, she used her ‘third eye’ and found the sculptures hidden in the logs of woods. The archipelago of India called Andaman Island used to for frequent natural calamity and as a result of it, several many driftwoods used to wash ashore. She was very crazed to pick those pieces. She did not pick all the pieces but the one which contained spectacular images. After collecting a few pieces she used to pack those items and carry to her hometown at Kumarakom during vacation. The process continued for 25 years! After bringing to home with the help of chisel she chopped the unwanted portion, using pieces of glass she removed the fungus from the wood and to beautify it she applied a coat of polish. She also adds that there is no need for any more chiselling or modelling but needs mere knowledge about the creativity of understanding the hidden image in the driftwood. In fact, nature is the foremost and prominent artist. There are many people who do not possess an idea about driftwood. Have a glimpse on following lines.


Driftwoods are actually pieces of wood, trunks, branches, roots or sometimes an entire tree! These pieces of wood take the shape of animals, reptiles, birds and also human beings. They gain such shapes by the combined exposure of waves, seawater, air, and corals, current for over a million years. This fossilised driftwood serves an intermediate stage between wood and petroleum.

Noteworthy attractions of Bay Island Driftwood Museum

More than 50 sculpture of wood could be seen in the museum. Among them the praiseworthy attractions of the museum are the crocodile, the jumping monkey- it was the first sculpture bought from the Andaman Island and the blooming rose – one could see the gap between the petals of the flower. It is very hard to carve such a sculpture artificially. Some of the visitors have commented that when the sculptures are hit with a metallic rod one could hear the sound of a metallic clang. It so because the driftwoods are no longer woods! Some of the well-known scientists says that the driftwoods seen over here have been formed from an Australian breed of rosewood. This shows that these woods have travelled for millions of years in the sea by covering a long distance. In the year 2004, the museum received an award for the most innovative tourism project from the government of Kerala. In 2010 it found a place in the Limca books of records and in the year it entered in the Indian books of records and in the year 2018 it has been designated as the largest driftwood and fossil museum by URF World records organisation.

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