Is It Time To Think About AC Service & Maintenance Seriously?

In the scorching summers, air conditioners are the only escape for us etageneraloncallservice. And in those times, if your AC breaks down, then the last thing you would want is to purchase a new one. But that can only be the case when your AC is poorly maintained. Call the AC customer care number. If your unit is not too old, then fixing the problem would be the ideal thing to do. But as I said, if it is poorly maintained until now, then there are chances that the AC may not be mended back to working and, you have to buy a new one. To avoid such a situation, we should be cautious and severe in the timely maintenance and servicing of your air conditioner etageneraloncallservice.

O General is one of the powerful AC brands in our country. This very reliable and old brand has made inroads in the Indian market and is very popular among customers. They are a Japanese conglomerate Fujitsu who is in a joint venture with the ETA-Ascon group etageneraloncallservice and are headquartered in Chennai. They are registered in India with the name O General or ETA General. They have manufacturing units in India, and from those units, they also export to many other countries. O General has an outstanding sales and service network in our country and is renowned for their post-sales service.

Why we emphasize post-sales is because AC, as we already discussed, needs timely maintenance. Until and unless as a brand you have not only good value for money product like AC in this case etageneraloncallservice. You also need to support the customer with your after-sales service. After-sales service mainly comprises customer care with customer service executives trying to solve end-user queries and register complaints. The next part is the service center with experienced service engineers. In this article, we will discuss O Generals after-sales service and how you can get help from the AC customer care number of O General.

The Real Dilemma

Buying an AC can be a challenging task as you need to understand both your needs and your budget both. It’s a fight between comfort and affordability, which you need to balance. Numorous brands and models are there, as a potential customer, you may be bogged down by the choices. But it’s not so difficult actually. For more detail contact O General customer care number .You need a larger AC if you have significant living areas and a smaller one for small spaces. You need a window if you have windows in the rooms but will need to split if your living room or bedroom does not have windows. You can also go to tower AC’s if you don’t want to ruin your walls etageneraloncallservice. Also, the window AC’s are the cheapest to buy and maintain, while the split and tower cost is much higher. On the contrary, both produce a better result than windows as far as cooling and power efficiency are concerned.

One this dilemma of overcome the next thing is the brand’s reliability or trust and whether they have vital after-sales service assets in place or not. The way to know about that is many. If you are a smartphone user, then you can search about the brand and its service experience on the internet. This can help you decide. Plus, you can also look for all the service centers available in your locality. You can also call their customer care number and get your questions answered. If you do not know the numbers, it’s easy to find, actually. Suppose you are looking for an O general customer care number, then search by the same, and you will get the number.

The customer care folks can let you know about your product’s warranty, register complaints if your AC is facing any issue, and schedule a service engineer visit. They can let you know about service charges and prices involved in the replacement of various parts like compressor, fan, filter, condenser, etc. They can also help you with extended warranty schemes and the cost that they will impart. Find the customer’s feedback. If you do not satisfied, you can also pay a visit to one of their service centers in your area and ask them face to face about various doubts you might have. You can again ask any question if a service engineer visits your place to address your complaints.


Last but not least, to educate yourself on the brand and its service is to ask any of your relative, friend, or neighbour who is using the same product as yours or the one you wish to buy to gather feedback. Though they cannot be of much help always as your problems or doubts may be very different from what you have etageneraloncallservice. So even though AC may sound like a common electrical appliance but having one means get tied with a brand and its service and customer care center. So please make the choices wisely and go with trusted brands like O General who are reputed in their products and service.