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Is Weak Analytical Writing Skill Is An Hindrance For You?

GRE words

We see people fail to qualify exams even after studying for ten to twelve hours a day. They do not lack hard work or discipline, but what they fall short of is a good strategy.

Nowadays, We have cut-throat competition in every exam that has compelled the examiners to bring changes in the question patterns making it more difficult. However, the difficulty of the paper is tackled, with planning and strategy preparation. Most of the time candidates who are preparing for GREs go for coaching institutes for guidance. Whereas, some of them prefer to sit and study at home with the help of materials available online.

Both the options are good, depending upon the individual. Therefore before switching to any of the above methods, you must ask yourself a question- which option suits you the best?

Once you decide, you must stick to that method. Suppose if you have chosen to go to an institute for preparation, then you must adhere to their pieces of advice and follow their materials sincerely.

But if you have chosen a self-study option for yourself, then you should make a strategy. For devising it, you must know the syllabus. Go through previous years papers and know-how and what questions asked in the exam. There are majorly three sections in the GRE:

  • The first is verbal reasoning
  • Secondly, we have the quantitative aptitude
  • Thirdly analytical writing ability.

Now from the syllabus, check out the portion that you feel is your strongest point. From attempting the previous year question you will realize which section is your strength, and also find out the topics, you need to work hard on.

From here, you will devise your plan. Let’s say you are a little weak in analytical writing. Now you can do the following things to improve your score:

  • First of all, you need to avoid misspelling, incorrect grammar such as wrong tense and use of voice incorrectly.
  • Once you build up your grammar and spelling, you should start practicing essay that will help you use your vocabulary.
  • Quality of any composition depends upon the clarity of the thoughts. And also on the flow of idea in the writing work. There should be a coherency within the essay that makes the reading and the process a melody.
  • However, the regular practice of essay prepares your mind for brainstorming under the intense pressure of the exam hall. It will help you come up with better arguments for your article in the exam.
  • Analytical writing is about writing, but that doesn’t mean you should right words only to feel the pages. You can increase your marks by making your piece laconic. Therefore you need to improve the use of words for that you can read newspapers to improve your vocabulary with GRE words that is the words that asked in GRE.
  • You can involve in newspaper reading especially, the editorial section, doing this you will learn to present your views, opinions effectively.

These are a few well-founded and constructive tips that one can follow to achieve a high score in the coming GRE.


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