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Master’s is the new bachelor’s

Gone are the days when under graduation was considered as the highest form of education. Now, an individual seeking for better opportunities and job offers needs to have a master’s degree to pave their future path. A bachelor’s may alone not qualify one for various job positions. Programmes for further education are evolving and changing rapidly that can help one strengthen their basics and can be professional or academic.

The two popular types of master’s degree

The degrees can either be academic or professional. The former focusses on enhancing one’s intellectual abilities and is generally pursued by those seeking a doctoral degree. On the other hand, the latter is designed for better opportunities and employability and is pursued by candidates who want to advance in their field.

Why post-graduation?

While some graduates get placed while in college or seek jobs after they complete their education while others wish to extend their education. People want to enhance their skill sets and become marketable for the industry for career advancement.

Apart from improvement of skills and talents, the salary hike is of the main attraction. People with a master’s degree earn more than their counterparts with a bachelor’s degree in the same field.

Selecting one among the best postgraduation courses will have one an edge over others and accelerate their rise on the corporate ladder.

The best post-graduation courses to choose from:

Petroleum engineering:
The biggest and constantly growing industry in the world right now due to the dependence of companies and automobiles on petroleum as a fuel.

Computer science:
The most promising and popular field in the world right now. An increasing number of graduates opt for bachelor’s in computer science and later, either work in the corporate world or opt for higher studies.

This deals with matters of money and different transactions, along with providing job opportunities in the finance sector.

Nurse anaesthesia:
Medical procedures from anaesthetics, treatment to assisting surgeons during surgeries along with training in patient management and handling emergency situations.

Physician assistant studies:
Physician assistants are master’s degree holders who assist and aid surgeons in performing surgical treatments and procedures. They work with healthcare professionals, surgeons, and physicians.

The most popular and widely in demand field. There are immense opportunities for research and no dearth of positions as a teaching faculty at most of the renowned and reputed universities in the world.

Political science:
The principles and theory behind the running of the government, opposition, taxations, and ministry affairs. This provides job opportunities in private firms as well as in government bodies.

No brand can flourish without the right advertisement and marketing.

Healthcare Administration:
From training students in the direction of hospitals to running healthcare clinics, this course provides in depth knowledge on all the finer nuances.

Physical therapy:
Therapists help people alleviate their physical pains through injuries, illnesses, or surgeries. They can either work in hospitals, or in private health centres.

The study of the different kind of resources and how people can use them to in their business for better job prospects.

International relations:
The students are trained to deal in foreign matters including political, social, and cultural relations across the global community.

The duration of the course

The time of completion depends on the field and specialisation; however, the course is typically range from a year to four years. MBA programmes are usually for four five years; however, most other courses are for a year or two.

Under graduation study is the basis for PG as the curriculum is designed to take ahead the basics taught in an UG course. Various institutes offer part time courses for the working professionals.

Brayden Brennan is a professor at IIT-Kanpur and has done a master’s in computer science. After working for over seven years in the software industry, she has been teaching students for the past five years. Along with this, she writes blog articles and conducts webinar to help students choose the best post graduation courses. You can find her work and contact her through the

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