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Mitigating the Sanitizer and Mask Crisis

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The deadly pandemic of COVID-19 is feared globally. The World Health Organisation has set out its guidelines earlier this year. Masks and Sanitizers soon became the most demanding commodities within weeks.

The Blow to the World

Companies producing them ran into crisis as there was an ever-growing demand for these protective stuff. Once procured, people need to utilize the alcohol hand sanitizer and face masks in an accurate way. For prevention as well as control of the disease, many mask manufacturers in India made them obeying the norms.

Doctors and health professionals made it clear that the infectious disease transmits from one person to another even before the symptoms develop. Pre-symptomatic transmission needs to be controlled. Face mask supplier in India wants everyone to stop the spread of the virus via infectious droplets. This can be done if all the citizens get a mask and cover their nose and mouth.

Need for Medical Masks

A medical mask bought from a certified mask manufacturer in India is one of the foremost prevention measures. It can limit the spread of killer COVID-19 virus by covering our nostrils and mouth. However, this medical mask alone is inadequate to offer protection.

The masks should be followed by hand hygiene and other IPC measures for Coronavirus prevention. WHO developed guidance on IPC strategies and directed N95 mask manufacturers to make such masks available.

Medical masks are extremely essential for doctors, nurses, and paramedics. They are the frontline heroes of this war against the virus. Face mask supplier in India should supply enough medical masks so that they do not fall short for the people who deserve them.

Hand hygiene practices inclusive of rubbing hands with an alcohol hand sanitizer, physical distancing can make prevention more effective. We all should avoid touching the face under the masks. Wearing masks prevents us from putting fingers inside our mouths even subconsciously.

Types of Masks

When it comes to manufacturing, a mask manufacturer in India has to comply with the WHO guidelines. Only those masks are certified and acceptable which are made as per the protocol.

Medical masks and respirators are high priority equipment for all the health care workers without fail. N95 mask manufacturers started producing N95 respirators in large quantities. These respirators are meant for the usage of a common man who is not in the hospital.

WHO has spread caution regarding the materials that a mask manufacturer in India can use to prepare respirators. Masks made of materials like cotton fabric are classified as non-medical masks. At present, there is no recommendation to use or stop using such masks.

Research and development partners associated with WHO are devoting enough time to ascertain the efficiency of non-medical masks. WHO is also reassuring countries with Disposable Face Mask suppliers for use of such masks for healthy people.

Meanwhile, the government is encouraging use of non-medical masks. The masks are prepared and distributed by Disposable Face Mask suppliers across the country. The following attributes are kept in mind when such masks are prepared.

•           Number of layers of fabric/tissue used

•           The breathability of material or the fabric

•           Water absorption and retention capacity

•           Shape and size of the mask

•           Fit of mask

Using Hand Sanitizers along with a Mask

People must be aware of the fact that a mask alone is not sufficiently preventative. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is very much in demand during these times. Hand sanitizer manufacturers are working day and night to cope up with the huge demand in the market.

But before spending money on any hand sanitizer, we need to know how it can help us. Usually, our hands can dry up when we use a hand sanitizer. The best hand sanitizers leave our hands hygienically cleansed. The hands feels ultra-soft, fresh, and adequately moisturized.

When we use an alcohol hand sanitizer, we do not need water or towels to wipe our hands. Hand sanitizer manufacturers are making these hand sanitizers available in convenient bottles of all sizes. People can choose a pocket-size bottle or a 200 ml family pack.

Combined Usage of Masks and Sanitizers

During these times masks and hand sanitizers are used together to give ultimate protection.

•           Before wearing a mask, cleaning hands with alcohol hand sanitizer or soap and water.

•           Cover the mouth and nostrils wholly with a mask leaving no gaps in between.

•           Refrain from touching the mask while using it. In case, you have to, cleaning hands with alcohol hand sanitizer or soap and water is a must.

•           A damp mask is an indication that it needs to be replaced. Also, nobody should re-use single-use masks.

•           While removing the mask one should remove it from behind and avoid touching the front of the mask. Then discard it in a closed bin.

At the End

Several mask manufacturing companies are following these protocols. They have joined hands with the WHO to save the human race. Join Hub Pharma is among the many organisations that you can completely trust. Their safe and tested products can help protect you now.

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