Mouth Guards: Functions & Types

Mouth guards also known as mouth protectors helps to protect the lips, teeth and other parts of the mouth from various injuries. It is generally an adjustable device made out of plastic.

Functions of mouth guard
Following are few functions of mouth guards:

Mouth guards act as shock absorbers between the jaws of lover and upper teeth.
It helps to prevent injuries caused due to fractures in the neck, jaw and cerebral region.
Athlete feel more confident and comfort by using mouth guards as they provide protection.
They also act as a night protector.
Lower and upper jaw can be protected from contact by using mouth guards.
They also helps to reduce the pain caused by temporomandibular joint.
It can be used for providing topical medication in case of gingivitis diseases.
Mouth guard helps while bleaching of teeth is done.

Types of mouth guards
The following are three type of mouth guards used :
Stock mouth guards: Ready made mouth guards will be available in shops which are low in cost but provides comfort while talking.

Custom fitted mouth guards: This type of mouth guards are made by professional dentists in laboratories by taking appropriate impressions of the teeth and molded accordingly.

After the mouth guard is ready it is made to kept in hot water and shaped over teeth accordingly using fingers.
Boil and bite mouth guards: This type of mouth guards are made from thermoplastic materials of ethylene- vinyl acetate and are available in various shapes that fit the user closely.

These are initially heated and molded to fit the jaws.
Ways to care your mouth guard

After every use don’t forget to rinse your mouth guard with water.
By using tooth paste brush it at least twice a day.
Never leave it in hot water or allow it under sunlight
Always keep the mouth guard in a firm container.
In case of any damage to the mouth guards change it from time to time.

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