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Order picking ladders-the best equipment for your unit

Reflex equipment

If you’re in the market for a trade or light industrial ladder, there are plenty of choices to consider. First, you need to determine how much you plan to use the ladder and for what purposes you will use it. Most trade and light industrial applications assume that the ladder must withstand rough, constant use while still maintaining its integrity and strength. Although there are three major materials from which ladders can be made, wood, fibreglass and aluminium, the best all-round choice for trade and industrial applications is aluminium. Here’s some information about one of the superior aluminium ladders from industry leader Titan: the double 3.0 metre trade & light industrial ladder.

The substantial length of order picking ladders by reflex equipment, 3.0 metres or 9ft10, makes it ideal for a wide variety of tasks for tradesmen like painters and electricians. This ladder also is perfectly suited for industrial applications where safety always is a main concern. For example, the stiles on this classic, British made aluminium ladder have a strong box section design that lends plenty of rigidity to the ladder’s overall function. Rated for trade and light industrial use, this Titan model features large comfortable rungs that are D-shaped, meaning that the top of the run is flat and not circular. This makes the ladder much safer to climb and stand upon for extended periods. You’re much less likely to slip whilst standing on a flat rather than rounded rung.

In addition, the rungs of this ladder are spaced 250mm (10in) apart, the optimal distance for safe ascent or descent, especially when transporting tools or materials. Many lesser brands space their rungs farther apart to keep the price of the ladder down. Another key feature of this ladder is the Supagrip™ articulated safety swivel feet that ensure stable placement on the ground or floor. The ladder carries all relevant certifications, including the BS EN131 kitemark, which is the latest European-wide standard. The kitemark means that this Titan product will be both safe and durable. Remember that the maximum load is the combined weight of the person and any tools or materials being carried up or down the ladder. Expect to pay about for this ladder. With so many inferior brands of aluminium ladders on the market today, doesn’t it make sense to invest in a quality ladder from a well-recognised and respected brand like Titan? So, all you need is to decide what kind of ladder you need to select.

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