Pillows and Modern World

Pillows are full with facts. That’s just what they are: simple little facts that look cool. I remember when one of the perks of being an anime watcher was that you’d pick up free random pillow art from hotels you’d visit. Now that’s old, and now it’s the ultimate currency in the pillow world, otherwise known as pillow products.

At my sister’s place in Tennessee, I found these sweet pillows. What’s so great about these pillows is that you can choose the animation that you want on it. This makes it easy to find something you like and gives you lots of room for creativity.

Included are pillow cases and a toothbrush holder.

Anime pillows

Heard about the new anime feature film Pillows? They’ve added new pillows to the sets and the limited screenings that are being done in LA, NYC and Chicago. Maybe you’ve seen them in the theater, but if not, check out these photos and see the new anime pillows that will be used in the film.

Apparently they’re good for holding pillows in the hand so that they don’t flop around the set and mess up the shoots. The original story of Pillows has been going around in anime circles for years and now the full story has been told. This means it’ll probably be a while until we see another new anime feature film.

Pillows will be the first Hollywood-backed anime feature to be produced with the highest possible production values, animation techniques and storytelling techniques. Pillows will be shot in high definition by A-list animators and actresses from across the globe. It will be distributed worldwide by Legendary Pictures.

Ranzo Nagasaki (Arata: The Lantern Maker, Lily) will direct the feature film from a screenplay by Morimoji Ninzamaru (The Devil’s Carnival, See You Next Spring). An event film based on the award-winning manga by Kazuo Koike and Keiichi Sigsawa, Pillows revolves around the romance between a priest and a girl who teaches at his church.

Pillows features acclaimed talent from various genres and walks of life. Members of the band XANDRIA will be singing the opening theme song and the anime cast is expected to be star-studded. No matter what the movie is about, it’s going to be a cool one to watch. Stay tuned for more details.

Audrey Kupferberg is the editor of SF Monthly and has written for Gigaom,

What do you think of the anime pillows? Let us know your favorite anime feature film pillows!

Pillows are used much like pillows are used to rest your head

Millions of people, who own television sets, are often confused if those pillows are meant to rest their heads, or to distribute the weight between the two seats inside the car. Of course, it is the latter! You can also use Dakimakura pillows from dakimakura shop

Pillows were originally designed to put the heads of livestock – like chickens or lambs – to rest, thus to prevent lameness or other ailments associated with over-exertion. They were typically made out of animal skin, but were eventually patented and mass-produced with synthetic materials.

And unlike us, who prefer pillows that are a decent size and soft, the houses of our fellow creatures could offer little more than a flattened, cow-shaped headrest. That said, I will leave the discussion on pillow design to those who know more than I do about it (including the intro to Seinfeld) and the rest to you guys. And for now, please note that just because your house has a pillow or two, doesn’t mean that it is legal for you to use them as pillows.

The benefit of using pillows is that you can rest your head on something that is more comfortable than a bed. Of course, the disadvantage of using a pillow, is that your body leans on the pillow, which makes it hard for the blood to flow to your brain. Hence, the saying “head in the clouds”.

Wear off your pain or tiredness on the backrest. If you wear off your pain or tiredness on the backrest, you need to rest your head on something else, as the backrest is the main contributor to pain or tiredness on the head.

A lot of us opt for a pillow, instead of a “cold, hard slab of steel” that we are otherwise used to. The only difference between a pillow and a bed is the capacity of the pillow to hold your head up. The basic requirements of a bed include:

  1. The ability to put a head, neck and back on it.
  2. The ability to take a head off the bed, when you need to go to the washroom.
  3. The ability to stand up on the bed when you want to leave for another room, say, the kitchen.
  4. The ability to climb into the bed without having to bend the spine.

On the other hand, the basic requirements of a pillow include:

  1. being soft (even when you are firm).
  2. Being pliable and allowing the head to lay in the shape that is most comfortable for the body.
  3. Being a non-adjustable and adjustable shape.
  4. being soft when it comes to molding to the head’s head shape.
  5. Having a non-adjustable shape when it comes to the pillow’s shape.

So, how many of you have ever thrown away a pillow because you didn’t find the right size or shape to use it? You will be surprised to know that a large number of people do that. The bottom line is that with a lot of choices, there is only one choice, which is the “best” one.